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Tips on how to decorate clothing stores

Aa clothing store sells accessories for people's appearance and therefore deals directly with customers' self-esteem. For this reason, you need to know how furnish clothing stores.

Working with the decoration properly brings advantages to the business, especially if this venture is aimed at the fashion industry, for example:

  • Pass confidence on the brand;
  • Attracts customers' attention;
  • Shows knowledge about the subject;
  • Increases the chance of selling.

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Importance of decorating a clothing store

please note that, in this type of store, beauty is the product being offered. If the place looks nice and beautiful, will show the client that you have knowledge about the subject.

Use items like acrylic table, it can be a good idea because it makes the environment more beautiful and pleasant. In addition, this field of activity has great demand and interest from consumers.

The entrepreneur only needs to know this profile and apply the information correctly in his company to get a good return.

The fashion sector in Brazil

Global financial advisory assessments ranked Brazil as the fifth country with the greatest potential in the world for the fashion market in 2013.

This shows that the population is interested in the fashion area and that we have good shopping centers with shopping mall doors modern and well installed, for example. Brazilian consumers like to consume clothes and accessories.

Despite the difficulties that the sector faces with taxes and infrastructure, this consultancy made an estimate that the sector could move almost fifty billion dollars until the year of 2015.

Although these data bring values ​​collected over the past few years, this research shows that it is worth investing in this sector. Betting on the clothing store enterprise brings great chances of success.

But this will not happen automatically and does not depend only on the population's interest in the sector. It takes study, effort and excellent business administration to achieve the desired results.

How to organize clothing store decoration

After understanding how people behave in relation to the fashion sector in Brazil, the importance of presenting the clothing store well, as well, the need to invest in this area, it is important to know how to do this.

It is normal to have doubts at that moment, so it's always good to check out some tips with ideas for decorating clothing stores.

1 – Calculate available space

Calculating the space available in the environment is essential to know what can and cannot be done there. As well as what objects fit in the place to be able to make the best use of the store area.

The display of clothing items and the organization of decorative objects depends on this information. So it is essential to identify the dimensions and what fits in each part of this store.

In this way, the owner can order a custom steel bookcase, for example, to organize the showcase products. With the measurements in hand it is possible to define which furniture will be in the store and even what is the best way to display the clothes.

A spacious environment can have multiple niches with exposed hangers. But if the store is small, beehive shelves are better suited to take advantage and optimize this space, for example.

Another important tip is to install custom mirror in some strategic points of the clothing store. That way the customer can better visualize the product they are purchasing without having to try different parts.

Remembering that this type of establishment deals with the appearance, so it’s interesting to let the customer see your image inside the store.

2 – Putting yourself in the public place

An essential tip is to identify the profile of the target audience and put yourself in their place. Think the same way a potential customer would think, helps you develop an appropriate sales strategy.

You need to understand what the public wants to offer it to them. In other words, by putting yourself in other people's shoes, it is worth reflecting on current trends: what customers will find beautiful or pleasant, for example.

The entrepreneur should not do something that does not please him. If he would not enter a location with a certain decoration, so you shouldn't use it in your store. It is important to imagine what may or may not be pleasant.

3 – Think about brand personality

After considering what the target audience may like or dislike, it is important to define the brand identity. In other words, what is the message the brand wants to convey to its customers and the general public.

So, you need to reflect on how to get that message across. How to really create the decoration for people to identify it, how to create the location's color palette from that, plus how to work the store's hot spots and cold spots.

4 – Plan the tasters

Knowing exactly how big the store is, how much space is needed to display the garments and how much space you need to leave free for people to move around, it remains to plan the tasters.

The entrepreneur can develop a custom closet according to the needs of that store, with a mirror for the customer to check the clothes they are trying on and a curtain.

5 – Plan the decoration of the environment

The decoration of the environment must be elaborated based on the identity that was defined for the brand. In addition, it is important to follow color planning to achieve the goal of audience analysis.

It is important for this organization to think about objects and items that match the products offered by the store. For example, the pictures on the wall must have colors matching the clothes that are nearby.

6 – Plan a standby environment

It is normal for the customer to have to wait for his turn to be served, or because the store is full or because you need help from an attendant, but the employees are busy. At this point it is important to have a suitable place for the person to wait.

The store needs a specific area where people can comfortably wait. One tip is to leave magazines at the disposal of the consumer to distract him while waiting for his turn.

Another essential point is that this person has a place to sit to comfortably. A charles eames armchair natural leather can be a beautiful and pleasant object for these situations, for example.

How to have an attractive clothing store facade

After learning how to adapt the interior of the store to welcome customers in a pleasant way, it is important to think outside the establishment.

The outside of the environment is people's first contact with that place, so it needs to make a good impression.

The entrepreneur needs to evaluate how to decorate the exterior of his clothing store. So, it's interesting to know some tips on how to do this.

Facade presentation

The outside of the store is very important because, in practice, is the invitation for the consumer to enter. A beautiful facade attracts customers' attention. That way people who pass by will feel like entering to meet.

A tip to make the outside attractive is to use a luminous for facade. This makes it more beautiful and flashy, mainly during the night part, when it's more difficult to see the stores.

This feature indicates that the company is concerned with making its products visible to customers at all times. In addition to attracting people's attention, this creates a bond of trust and fidelizes the relationship with the consumer.

Another interesting tip is to install a fixed awning, for example. This type of material protects pedestrians from the rain and shows concern for people who pass in front of the place.

Showcase display

The way the products are presented in the window is also essential to win the customer and call him into the store.

To get your attention it is necessary to always present pieces that the consumer can use at that time of the year, expose large, easy-to-view items, in addition to choosing products with the greatest interest by customers. So the chances of selling will be greater.

Decoration in clothing store

Clothing store decor is essential, because it relates directly to the product sold. When a person looks for accessories and clothing, is acquiring something that will add value to your appearance.

Make the establishment beautiful, nice and comfortable, shows that the employees working there understand about the product they are selling. Knowing about the service that is offered is very important to gain the trust of the customer.

This decoration should be made from the study of the target audience and planning. It is necessary to study the needs of the place and elaborate in the best possible way to offer what the client is looking for.

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a clothing store sells accessories for people's appearance and therefore deals directly with customers' self-esteem. For this reason, you need to know how to furnish clothing stores. Working with the decoration properly brings advantages to the business, especially if this venture is aimed at the fashion industry, for example: Pass confidence on the brand; Attracts customers' attention; Shows knowledge about the subject; Increases the chance of selling. Importância de decorar bem uma loja de roupa Vale lembrar que, in this type of store, a beleza é o produto que está…

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