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"Motetos Bach ". Photo: Disclosure.

In São Paulo, Camerata Antiqua de Curitiba displays “Motetos Bach”

With the regent Luis Otavio Santos and accompanied by soloists, the Camerata Antiqua de Curitiba run “Motetos Bach ", in the Campos do Jordao Festival performances. At Sala São Paulo, most renowned space Brazil, The concert takes place on Thursday (12/7) and on Friday (13/7), the Claudio Santoro Auditorium, in Campos do Jordao.

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This tour marks the third consecutive year that the Camerata takes part in the Festival and also marks the return of the Bach Motets, the group brings back to the stage after 12 years - the last time the Camerata presented these works was 2006, also under the baton of Santos.

theatrical settings

The motet is characterized by separate texts for each voice choir and an intense mobility orchestra. "They are among the toughest and most representative pieces of Bach, both by the level of musical density and by the baroque counterpoint, technique which reaches its apex in such compositions ", explains Santos. "They are very beautiful and impactful works. ”

Although primarily vocal, presented sometimes without any monitoring, the compositions were adjusted.
For the concert the conductor will use new ways of delivering, which should make the most compelling compositions. "Bach dedicated these motets for two choirs and two orchestras, that dialogue in stereo ", explains. "It's a jester, enough space, but we could leave her with a rather theatrical tone also. We can show the work in a different way. ”

The following guest musicians and singers of Camerata involved in the implementation of land: the sopranos Anne Naura, Luisa Favero and Karolyne Liesenberg; the altos Ariadne Oliveira and Victor Lucas Bento; tenors Alexandre Mousquer and Maico Sant'Anna and low Claudio Biaggi and Norbert Steidl.

"Motetos de Bach”. Foto: Divulgação.

“Motetos Bach ". Photo: Disclosure.

Tour Sao Paulo

Violinist and coordinator of the Chamber Orchestra of the city of Curitiba, Francisco Freitas Jr. evaluates presentations: "I believe we are in a golden age of Camerata, tanto na performance, as the maturing of the group. And these trips only contribute to strengthen our identity and disseminate our work ", evaluates Freitas.

The challenge and responsibility to play in other areas and cities was highlighted by Janet Andrade, classical coordinator of ICAC: "This tour is an artistic recognition for the group, because you're in another time could hardly have presented these locations. Tapping a festival like that of Campos do Jordao and Sala São Paulo, which is the mecca of classical music in the country has a great weight ", stresses Janete.

Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba

Founded in 1974, by conductor Roberto de Regina and harpsichordist Ingrid Seraphim, Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba is to sponsor the Curitiba Cultural Foundation. It is formed by a chorus and orchestra. The choir received, for an extended period of time, technical guidance of conductor Gerard Galloway, and the orchestra, by violinist Paul Bosísio.

In its trajectory, add up recording eight albums (long plays) six CDs. Since the founding of Camerata, Roberto de Regina headed the group - now emeritus conductor. From 1987 to 1988, Camerata had as principal conductor, Luther Rodrigues. From 2009 to 2011, the conductor Wagner Polistchuk was the artistic director.

The repertoire of the Camerata figure the execution of works of the great names of world classical music. In recent years, CCS also achieved success and recognition in several national and world premieres, including works commissioned especially for the group. The choir Camerata has 20 oriented singers and conducted by Mara Campos, and the orchestra with 20 instrumentalists ropes.

Chamber Orchestra of Curitiba City Tour Campos do Jordao Winter Festival
Regency Luis Otavio Santos
The performances take place in the days:
Thursday, 12/07 at 8:30 pm, at Sala São Paulo – Concert Hall.
Address: Plaza Julio Prestes, 16 Luz - Sao Paulo.
Tickets: 53 ha.and 25 ha beside
Friday, 13/07 at 8:30 pm, the Claudio Santoro Auditorium, Campos do Jordao.
Address: Av. Dr. Luis Martins Arrobas, 1.880
Alto da Boa Vista – Campos do Jordao – SP.
Tickets: R$50,00


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