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RP3. Photo: ® Guillaume River.

In one presentation at the Sala Cecilia Meirelles Trio's concert Panossian, Wednesday, 27, ACE 20 Hours

The French Alliances of Brazil with the support of Air France and SPEDIDAM bring to Brazil, Jazz trio "Remi Panossian Trio", in a single presentation at the Sala Cecilia Meirelles, on wednesday, day 27 th November of 2019, at 8:0 pm.

The jazz trio French Remi Panossian Trio (RP3) will make a unique presentation at Cecilia Meireles Room, on 27 th November of 2019, at 8:0 pm. The powerful and subtle trio's music is composed jazz pianist, airy and elegant, Remi Panossian, who began his career in soil 2000, Maxime Delporte, plays the bass and Frédéric Petiprez, BATTERY. Panossian trio It is a binary Jazz Rock Pop resonances and electro with. So much talent combined with serving the very essence of music: emotion.

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About Trio

After 10 years of existence, Trio held over 400 concerts 30 countries. Especially on stages like Tokyo Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, festival Jarasum Jazz, Taichung Jazz festival, Vancouver jazz festival, festival Enjoy Jazz, Mexican euro jazz festival, New Morning, Café de la Danse, Jazz in Juan, Jazz 31, Jazz in Sète, Jazz in Marciac, Nancy Jazz beat, Vladivostok jazz festival etc.

The three accomplices add pop melodies, the raw energy of rock or Groove and explosive rhythmic. The trio plays the codes and offers a hybrid jazz. binary festivities slipped between ternary persecution, constant clarity of phrasing and judiciously placed humorous traps here and there, to follow Remi Panossian Trio in his works, we do not hardly bother. And engaging enthusiast, the RP3 has the clarity of recordings made with total confidence, with a pleasure that the listener can only share. add flutes, trumpets, accordion in their albums, as if they were 10 musicians playing at the same time. They released four albums since 2009 and will present its latest in Cecilia Meireles Room.

About the tour

With support from Air France and SPEDIDAM, the French Alliances of Brazil organize their tour. During the month of November, the Trio will start their tour in São Paulo and then will go to Campinas, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.

About the Alliance Française

With 134 years of activities in Brazil, the French Alliance is a reference in the language and doubtless, the most respected institution and known the world, when it comes to the spread of the French language and Francophone cultures. Has, currently, more than 830 units 132 countries, where they study about 500.000 students. In France, it has schools and cultural centers for foreign students. Brazil has the world's largest network of French Alliances with 37 associations and 68 units.

It is the only institution in Brazil authorized by the Embassy of France, to apply the tests that give access to international diplomas DELF and DALF, recognized by the French Ministry of National Education. The Alliance Française is also official examination centre for international testing validity of two years TCF (The French Knowledge Test) TEF and Canadian (French Assessment Test) and the national test valid for one year Capes (recognized by agencies CAPES and CNPq MEC).

The Alliance Française in Brazil develops partnerships with numerous French and Brazilian companies, In addition to being an essential actor of franco-Brazilian cultural dialogue.

The Alliance Française of Rio de Janeiro offers 25% discount on all regular courses, workshops, Seniors, among others for state and municipal employees of Rio de Janeiro.

Date: 27 th November of 2019
Time: 20h
Local: Sala Cecília Meireles, Street Lapa 47, Rio de Janeiro
Tickets for sale in: salaceciliameireles.rj.gov.br/programacao/trio-panossian/
Value of Tickets: R$ 40,00 (entire)







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