V744atelier brings Marcelo Silveira's work to Porto Alegre from 14 de Mayo

Marcelo Silveira. Photo: Disclosure.

Exponent of Brazilian plastic arts, the artist from Pernambuco proposes new dialogues to art in the exhibition “C+asa” C+asa names the new exhibition at V744atelier, that brings the plastic artist from Pernambuco, Marcelo Silveira, great exponent of Brazilian art, to Porto Alegre. The exhibition will open on the next day. 14 de Mayo, Saturday, às 17h, continuing … Read more

New exhibition at V744atelier, which opens this Saturday (12) brings together works by Maria Paula Recena and Marcos Sari

Detail of work by Maria Paula Recena, that integrates the exhibition “Beabá”. artist credit.

The exhibition “Beabá” proposes a poetic pre-language What implications are at stake, when two artists with particular experiences and investigations propose to place their aesthetic universes in juxtaposition? What dialogues are possible and what paths in the field of art can such encounters give rise to?? Visual artists, Maria Paula Recena and Marcos Sari, that inaugurate … Read more

Vilma Sonaglio exhibition marks the inauguration of the V744 Atelier, in Porto Alegre, This Saturday (18)

Obra da série "Sopro", artist's recent creation, that integrates the exhibition. Photo: Vilma Rattle.

Na shows' ViCeVeRSa…may not be what it is’ the artist exhibits three series that show pandemic metaphors, as well as the materialization of the virtual “ViCeVeRSa…it may not be what it is” gives title to the exhibition that opens the V744 Atelier, This Saturday, 18 September, at 4:00 pm. This shows, to visual artist Vilma Sonaglio, creator of … Read more