Work by Ana Teixeira occupies the Projeto Parede at MAM São Paulo

Artist presents a new montage of the action Cala a boca already died in the museum corridor from the day 2 March


The Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo receives, from day 2 March, an artist's work Ana Teixeira in the new edition of Wall Design.

Occupying the wall of the corridor that connects the reception to Sala Milú Villela, Shut up already died (2019-2023) is the result of an action to listen to women that the artist proposes in the public space as a political exercise. The work, a procedural work and that has already had previous activations, investigates the demands and desires of these women.

The action was carried out for the first time in 2019, during a solo exhibition by the artist at the Maria Antonia University Center, in São Paulo and, according to Ana, it was the first time that in her urban actions she talked with groups and not with individuals, experience that made her experience what the American feminist Carol Hanisch describes in her 1969 essay, titled The personal is political.


Not text, the author proposes that awareness is the primordial condition in the process of women's empowerment, especially when it happens from the exchange of experiences and collective reflections.

Shut up already died, title that goes back to a popular and usual expression in the artist's childhood, is an action that has more than one step. In the first, the artist distributes pamphlets to women in public spaces, inviting them to join a conversation, that arises from a provocation made by Ana Teixeira: “What do you no longer want to shut up?”, she asks. The answers are synthesized and written by Ana on posters, and the participants are photographed holding these phrases so that they can be drawn later, pen or vinyl sticker, by the artist, on walls of exhibition spaces.

Altogether, participated in the action 101 women, who were in meetings with Ana Teixeira in places like Casa das Rosas, the Maria Antonia University Center and the Occupation 9 July, in São Paulo; and in the city of Cologne, in Germany, where the artist carried out this work at the invitation of the local university. To Anna's surprise, The questions raised by German women were the same as those raised by Brazilian women in previous activations.

“Both in my experience in Germany and in Brazil, what you can see is that the pressure of the patriarchal society on women is very relevant. The 101 phrases I collected, only five do not talk about machismo and the impositions of patriarchy on women's bodies and lives”, tells the artist.

The version of the work presented at Projeto Parede at MAM São Paulo will feature a drawing representation of 18 women, in addition to recording 101 quotes made by cis women, trans women and transvestites invited by Ana Teixeira in 2021.

The assembly of the work at MAM will, also, with the pages of the homonymous publication that Ana Teixeira carried out from a research in the Mário de Andrade Library, selecting books purchased from 2010 and 2020, written by women authors and with a feminist theme, from which excerpts were taken that address female silencing, gathering them in publication.

“This is a compilation of denunciations of various types of oppression that we women have been subjected to over the last few centuries., everyday discriminations that go unnoticed and others of unquestionable gravity, which, if noticed, can be a trigger for an afterthought, but always necessary, about the possible ways to break with the patriarchal structures that, still currently, strive to maintain the silencing and erasure of women in the most diverse areas of life”, explains Ana Teixeira.

The MAM library will have all the 26 research books available for consultation. The publications were loaned to the museum by the Mário de Andrade Library for the entire duration of the exhibition..

“The work of Ana Teixeira reveals that in the lamentable silencing of women there is a potency of meanings that does not fit on a wall.. Instead of voids or absences, the silences, especially those that are breaking, are promises of a future with equal rights, including the right to speak, writes the chief curator of MAM, Cauê Alves, in the text that accompanies activation in MAM.


Wall Design – Shut up already died, by Ana Teixeira

Opening: 2 March, Thursday, at 19h
Exhibition period: 2 March to 28 May 2023

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