Psychoanalyst Abreu Fabiano talks about the increase in the number of divorces in quarantine


The expert says that at the time of quarantine must make an assessment of reality

Relations between two paths are changing. In the times we live in, the situation is forcing many couples to live together, to share space in a way as I did not long ago.

Modern society has led us to have two weddings, with one partner and another with work. As a rule, the latter, It has almost all more commitment and attention. According to the philosopher and psychoanalyst Fabiano de Abreu Quarantine can be an ideal time to pause and evaluation.


“Our daily afflicted often makes us lazy beings in relation to ourselves and to those who share life. There is a lazy installed in relations. People do not stop to evaluate, to reflect on why living with that person, if it still provides us or just give in to indulgence.”, refers to the analyst.

Yet, Abreu Fabiano warned that we can not deliver to the environment, we must not confuse feeling with emotional state. The fact that we closed, to increase our level of anxiety, to sighting difficulties economically can trigger in us unwanted emotions. These should be filtered, weighted calmly.

“This type of evaluation should be very cautious. We have to measure, understand really who is on our side no longer has the same impact on our lives. If really the feeling ended but we had realized. People often get together for comfort and safety but, in times of crisis, can happen definitive breaks. Sometimes the fear of loneliness can excel.”, clarifies.

On the other hand, along the line of the philosopher there are couples where the opposite happens. Even having felt a disconnection throughout a routine, now, at this point stop the relationship strengthens. according Fabiano, ” There are couples who are strengthened in adversity, which do not yield to impulses and use the time to think about double. Follow the old maxim that a head thinks better than two. They use quarantine to outline strategies, seeking a balance. Together they will recover and deal with what is to come. “

According to the philosopher wedding can turn into something more concrete, leaves Abstract.

"Some people feel an abstract relationship as it is with the mind fully occupied in their business. Concrete is what defines a rational line within a lived reality. "

These moments serve to have the real perception. Or really the relationship is over or follow stronger. Moments stop forcing us to look at situations that protelávamos for longer than desirable.

Finally the theme philosopher alert to another factor. According to the world scholar walks to loneliness. Families are becoming smaller, fewer children. There is an installed individualization. we are, while human prepared to go it alone?

“critical moments make us reflect on our choices. We prefer to go through this crisis only on our own or, is de facto, family background is a help.”, investigates.


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