Learn how to make your home cozy for the fall

Design tips to transform the home for the mildest season of the year


Summer is over, and, after him, came the mildest season of the year.

Autumn has arrived to bring a different air of season transition, and that can also transform your home decor, with more earthy colors and a style that brings a lot of dry leaves and a climate of comfort and warmth for people who prefer to spend more time at home this season.

For those who like to change House decoration according to the trends of the year, this is a good season to invest in elements that bring more calm to the house.


And, differently than you think, all rooms can be transformed, whether with small details or even bigger transformations.

To help people who are thinking about leaving spaces with an autumn look, Here are some tips on trends that will take over home fashion this season.. Some of them are possible to make using simple things that you already have or with elaborate and personalized items with the colors of the season..

cozy tones

And, speaking in colors, we cannot forget the sensations they bring us, according to the tones and combinations that are applied. In search of a cozy place, colors are key elements and can be distributed in different configurations and in different places in the house.

the priority, in the fall, are the earthiest tones, green or woody; in this context, apply these colors to pieces such as rugs, curtains and cushions can be a good option to innovate the design. And it's still good to remember the pastel tones, that are on the rise and combine with each other in many ways.

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Who likes to make more radical changes and completely transform environments, but without making too much of a mess, it has an easy and simple option to apply. Wallpapers have several prints on the market and are easy to place and dare in the rooms of the house.

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And, talking wallpaper, some of them look exactly like autumn, some simpler and some more elaborate. Seasonal leaf or flower patterned papers fit well with designs in all spaces, and can be applied even in the bathroom, depending on the quality.

plants at home

We can't forget that, and often, autumn is a drier season, with little rain, and this requires more health care, especially with breathing. This is where plants are important indoors.. In addition to bringing an aspect of nature to the environments, they help improve air quality.

And, dealing with this issue, the air purifying appliances are also important items to ensure that people breathe better on the driest days. the purifiers, next to the plants, are good for the lungs and ensure greater well-being for the residents of the house.

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