Flávia Cardoso Soares Auctions: D'Angelos Auction 24/02 at 3 pm

Flávia Cardoso Soares Auctions: Leilão D'Angelos - D'Angelos Auction, featured. Disclosure.

D'ANGELOS AUCTION – HIGH STANDARD WOMEN'S ACCESSORIES Gold and silver jewelry, semi jewelry and fine jewelry Dia 24 from February to 15 hours AUCTIONEER Flávia Cardoso Soares – JUCESP Nº 948   [button color =”blue” size =”medium” link =”https://flaviacardososoaresleiloes.com.br/leilao.asp?Num=25528″ target =”blank” ]CHECK OUT![/button] [divider] Some highlighted lots [divider] Follow our social networks: Instagram: @FlaviaCardosoSoaresLeiloes Facebook: Facebook / FlaviaCardosoSoaresLeiloes … Read more