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Exhibition at the Paulo Setúbal Museum – Dialogues on Paper, by Rosângela Vig


Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

The first night I fell asleep, because on the sand, miles and miles from any inhabited land. I was more isolated than the castaway on a board, lost in the middle of the sea. So imagine my surprise when, at daybreak, a strange little voice woke me up. It said: – Please, draw me a sheep!
(SAINT-EXUPÉRY, 1977, p.11)

It is from the innocent simplicity that Art reveals itself. The artist is like a child in love with the lines that intersect and the colors that are interspersed and incorporated., making the artistic material a single individual, with inherent life and history. The work arises when there is this integration between the artist and his inner child., when he listens to the voice that inhabits his heart and through it allows the brush or pencil to wander through the blank space.

The texture of the material on which the ideas are weaved complements what the spirit is eager to say.. This has been the thinking of Moinho Brasil and businesswoman Renata Telles, in the creation of handmade papers, made from agricultural waste and recycled industrial scraps recovered. A fact that reveals the company's concern with environmental issues. This spirit inspired the creation of the group Diálogos em Papel by the art curator Rita Caruzzo, in 2018. The artists gradually arrived and added their techniques and creativity to the company's roles, specially prepared to carve a new story in the field of Art. The exhibitions were emerging, expanding its arms and is now arriving at the renowned Museu Paulo Setúbal, in the city of Tatui in São Paulo, adding recognition to the curatorial work, to works and artists.

A shows can be enjoyed from the day 9 th July 2022, until 2 August, from 9 to 17 hours, in Tatui, São Paulo. The opening is scheduled for 9 July, from 16 hours. The initial group of artists and two other groups are part of the exhibition., that added more color and harmony to the project, promoting a beautiful Dialogue between works, thoughts and artists who allowed themselves to hear the voice of the child that whispers inside.

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Curated By: Rita Caruzzo




SAINT-EXUPÉRY, Antoine. The Little Prince. Rio de Janeiro: Agir Editora Bookstore, 1977.

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