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Obra Denise Iserhard Haesbaert. Photo: Tina Zappoli Gallery.

Exhibition “No way back”

(10 October to 16 th December 2019)

A GALLERY TINA ZAPPOLI (Pauline Coronel Teixeira, 35 – Bairro Rio Branco), from Porto Alegre, opens in 10 October, Thursday, the contemporary art exhibition "No way back”, featuring works by three of its represented artists. The opening event will be held from 19h, at the headquarters of space, in the Capital.

The exhibition will feature original pieces made by artists specially invited for the occasion. A painter Denise Iserhard Haesbaert He began working with Tina Zappoli a few months ago, is the "new acquisition" gallery. Of its production, can be seen screens that were in the show Zeitgeist: Alchemy time, in MARGS, at the beginning of the year, and more recent work.

Former partner space, the Itelvino sculptor Jahn has many large and exuberant creations in the gallery's collection and will show new works, cut wood, also worked with color, I dark ink.

The artist Marinho Neto, one of the two partners Gallery, presents his colorful and provocative photographs digitally crafted from everyday records, always the sound of the highest quality music. In this selection, all images will be unpublished.

To Tina Zappoli, the title of the show relates to the art and life itself: "We are in the full-time process, it's a trajectory that has no turning back - no way back”.

Also according to the gallerist, the three professionals selected for this exhibition have their artistic production marked by the temporal question: "Itelvino works with fruits of time, its raw material is there, at the mercy of time, climate, in nature. He resurrects dead trees. Marine makes photo, it is a moment in time, thus capturing the objective image. After, in a second moment, through the digital languages, creates another time: the subjective and poetic. Already the work of Denise depends on the effects of time (Climate and Weather) to oxidize the screens and begin your creation ".

The derivations of time in the tables of the painter primarily give in silent dialogue with nature, through the rain, it is essential. "Then there were the first rust indices. After, I make use of other materials, like dust and gold leaf and oil paint ", Denise explains.

The visitation of 50 exhibited works takes place from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm, until 16 of december, with free entry. All works are for sale.

NO WAY BACK - Exposure Denise Iserhard Haesbaert (paintings and objects), Itelvino Jahn (wooden sculptures) and Marine Neto (digital photography)
Inauguration: 10 October, Thursday, the 7:0 pm to 10:0 pm
Visitation: from 10 October to 16 th December 2019
Address: Pauline Coronel Teixeira, 35 – Bairro Rio Branco – Porto Alegre/RS
Time: Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm
Phone: (51) 3332-3726
WebSite: brasilartegaleria.com.br | galeriatinazappoli.com.br
E-mail: galeriatinazappoli@gmail.com

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