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Exhibition “We women” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

Once again the traditional restaurant "Piola-Gardens" in São Paulo/Sp, receives a beautiful exhibition, This time with the participation only of women, curated by Marilda Cassius Dalevedove Costa.

Collective exhibition that comes with the aim of bringing together artists of different segments and techniques.

Women who represent the art every which way and vision. Will be gathered Plastic Artists, Tatuadoras, Grafiteiras, Ilustradoras, Artisans…

The Feminine Essence represented in style without holding nominal conventions of common exposures.

This meeting will be held in the month of may, seizing the moment for being the month geared for women.

Will be 36 Artists gathered in a same goal, in the same environment and in the same climate of fraternity, friendship and unity.


We Invite Women

Participating artists:

Learn more about the artists by accessing your facebook page.

Alici Carvalho | Amanda Daphne | Ana Carolina Marins | Andrezza Araújo | Camila Roberta | Claudia Etcheverrito | Clelia Mackin | Cléo Moreira | Drill Itanhaém | Eliana Angelica D Alessandro ’ | Fernanda Rodrigues | Dental. D Familyart Br | Helo Mayumi | Indy Staley | Jae Alves | Julê Lee | L the mud | Larissa Foronda | Green Llama | Lu Morgado | Luwian | Malu Renó | Marisa Pacini | Mary D Familyart Br. | Monica Ancapi Art | Mônica Moraes ¹ | Natalie Salmi Nicodemus | Pamela Garcia | Raquel Morgana | Rebekah The. Chang | Shirley Smith | Badi Lage | Haixia Mao | Wiih Machado

Piola Restaurant Gardens: www.facebook.com/piola.jardins

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