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Movie “Stunned, I remain attentive ”. Disclosure.
Movie “Stunned, I remain attentive ”. Disclosure.

Movie “Stunned, Eu Remain Attentive ”wins Kikito Trophy in the category of Best Musical Track

Both directors / producers study Cinema at Estácio Tom Jobim, in Barra da Tijuca

Rio de Janeiro – October 2020 – Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos and Henrique Amud – students of the Cinema course at Estácio, directors and producers of the film “Stunned, I remain attentive” – just won the Kikito Trophy in the Best Musical Track category at the 48th Gramado Film Festival, in Rio Grande do Sul. The project was produced by Baraúna and distributed by Arapuá Filme, company founded by the two in 2017. Because of the pandemic, the festival and the award ceremony were held through Canal Brasil and through the internet. The documentary brings the reflections of journalist Dermi Azevedo, who now lives with Parkinson's syndrome, but who never stopped fighting for human rights and now, more than three decades after the end of the dictatorship, watches the return of the practices of that time. The short was released in 2020 and lasts for 15 minutes. Your trailer can be viewed through the link: vimeo.com/356966411 .

this week, the short will be shown at some festivals, like Peru, United States and the Philippines and will also be featured in various parts of the world: 10th Westminster Film Festival Inglaterra 19, in 26 October 2020; 20th Reality Bytes Independent Student Film Festival USA, from 21 October and 21 th November of 2020; 6SHORT CAMPOS DO JORDÃO FESTIVAL, from 18 to 25 October 2020; 32th Girona Film Festival GFF Spain, in 5 November 2020; 15th Tacoma Film Festival USA, from 6 to 15 November 2020; UVAQ Mexico University Short Film Festival, from 9 to 13 November 2020; 17th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival da Hungria, from 10 to 22 Nov; 29th Sequence Short Film França, from 18 to 22 November 2020; 43rd Poitiers Film Festival France, from 27 November to 4 th December 2020 e 11th MACAU INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL China 01, in 8 December 2020.

The film has participated in several festivals, such as 48Gramado Film Festival (Brasil); 32nd Cinélatino – Toulouse Film Festival Meetings (France); 43rd Short Film Festival / The Norwegian Short Film Festival (Norway); 17th Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Ukraine); 17th VIS – Vienna Shorts (Áustria); 48º International Film Festival of Huesca (Spain); 38th International Film Festival of Uruguay (Uruguay); 68th Columbus International Film and Animation Festival (United States); 14th Ethnocineca – International Documentary Film Festival Vienna (Austria); 15th National and International Short Film Festival Manuel Trujillo Durán (Venezuela); 15th Shorts Mexico - International Short Film Festival of Mexico (Mexico); 16º Brazil in Movements (France); 32th Girona Film Festival (Spain); 17th Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Hungary); 29th Short Film Sequence (France); 43rd Poitiers Film Festival (France); 11th Macau International Short Film Festival (China) e 14th Bali International Film Festival (Indonesia).

About the Soundtrack: The soundtrack, who was awarded a Kikito trophy at 48Gramado Film Festival and features instrumental tracks composed by Amazonian musician Hakaima Sadamitsu and multi-instrumentalist Paulsita M. Takara, who kindly gave up their music for the production of the film. “It was a great happiness for us, not only because it is an immense honor to participate and be awarded in one of the most important festivals in Latin American cinema, but also because the construction of the sound of the film, from the ambiences to the songs, it took a lot of planning and a lot of trying before we got to what we wanted. So we also thank Alexandre Jardim, who did the sound mix for the film at CTAV ”, Lucas and Henrique comment.

Legacy of Dermi Azevedo

Journalist and political scientist born in Jardim do Seridó / RN in 1949, Dermi Azevedo was created in Currais Novos, city ​​he adopted as his. Report author in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Reporter and editor of magazines and newspapers: The Caicó Leaf, Student Tribune, Northern Tribune, Christmas Diary, The Order, Minimum wage, Eyesight, Borges Culture Magazine, from Petrópolis / RJ, The Bandeirante, of Lins, Sao Paulo Last Minute, Illustrated Sunday, Headline, Facts and Photo, Jornal da Tarde, See, This Is, Diary of the Great ABC, Here São Paulo, Upside-down. It was corresponding, in Brazil, from the French Magazine Informations Catholiques Internacionales de Paris and from the magazine Isto É in Rome. He was director of the Union of Professional Journalists of the State of São Paulo for two terms. It is one of the founders, in 1982, of the National Human Rights Movement, of which he was National Secretary of Communication and Public Policies. Former professor and Coordinator of the Social Communication Course at the Methodist University of Piracicaba (UNIMEP / SP).

He was president of the Academic Directory D. Hélder Câmara, of the then School of Social Work in Natal. In 1968, with other Potiguares student leaders, participated in the XXX UNE Congress, where he lived his first political prison; having returned to Natal and facing the impossibility of remaining in his State, returned to the Southeast of the country and later went into exile in Chile in 1970 and 1971. He returned to Brazil and was arrested again in 1974 twice.

Currently serves as Human Rights Coordinator at the Maximiliano Kolbe Center, an NGO dedicated to the formation of citizenship in Human Rights. Among his published books are “Tortured Crossings: Human Rights and Dictatorship in Brazil, 1964-1985” and “No Right to Less – Human rights: Theory and practice".

About Arapuá Filmes

Founded in 2017, by Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos and Henrique Amud, Arapuá Filmes is a Brazilian producer and distributor that has promoted the participation and circulation of Brazilian films in festivals and film shows around the world.

Until here, There were more than 20 movies, between short and long, who hired our Film Festival Management service and went through major cinema events like: Festival of the New Latin American Cinema of Havana, Cinelatino de Toulose, Lawn Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rio Festival, AFRIFF, International Festival of Huesca, Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – CurtaCinema, Cine Ceará, Chicago Latino Film Festival, San Diego Latino Film Festival, Vienna Shorts, The short film festival / The Norwegian Short Film Festival, among other festivals.

In addition, Arapuá Filmes also works with consultancy and development of cinematographic projects and curatorship and production of cinema shows. In 2017 Arapuá was one of the producers and creators of the Mostra Curto Retiro, not done Retiro two Artists, in Rio de Janeiro. More information can be obtained through the link: www.arapuafilmes.com.br/sobre-a-arapuÁ


Lucas H. Rossi dos Santos is a black director based in Rio de Janeiro. He produced feature films like “Como Você Vê Me?”, "Kabadio – Time is in no hurry, walk barefoot ”, “Dirty Canastra” and “Death Dwells at Night”, that had its premiere world no Rotterdam Festival of 2020, in addition to short films awarded as “Ao Final da Conversa, They say goodbye with a hug ”, “Repulsa” and “Auto Falo”. "O Myriam's Dress” it was his first fiction short film as a director, in 2017, for which he won the award for Best Director in the Short Cinema 2017 and Best Short Film at Cine Ceará festivals, 41° Elche International Independent Film Festival, in addition to the Canal Brasil acquisition award. In 2020 launched directed the documentary short “Stunned, I remain attentive”, participating in the Toulouse festivals, Huesca, Vienna Shorts, Shorts Mexico, The short film festival and Docudays UA, among others, beyond the rehearsal film “Be Happy in the Go”, produced entirely during quarantine. Currently studying Cinema at Estácio de Sá University – Tom Jobim Campus, in Barra da Tijuca.

Henrique Amud is an Amazonian writer and researcher based in Rio de Janeiro. For Bond’s Filmes, he acted in the documentary series “The Varandistas” (Channel Brazil, 2016) and in the documentary feature film about the profession of actors in Brazil, “How you see me” (Channel Brazil, 2017), that opened in theaters in 2018. “Stunned, I remain attentive” (2020), short documentary about the journalist and human rights activist Dermi Azevedo, it's his debut in the direction. Currently studying Cinema at Estácio de Sá University – Tom Jobim Campus, in Barra da Tijuca.

M. Takara: mauriciotakara.bandcamp.com
Hakaima Sadamitsu: chupamanga.bandcamp.com/album/feito-pra-quebrar
IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt11273448
Facebook: www.facebook.com/atordoadopermanecoatento
Movie website, as pictures: www.arapuafilmes.com.br/produÇÃo/atordoado-eu-permaneço-atento?c = short films

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