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Hotel Toriba has a week full of lyrical music!

Lyrical music dominates this week's festival schedule “Winter Music from the Magic Mountain”, realization of Hotel Toriba, in Campos do Jordao.

On Wednesday, 18 August, introduces the bass baritone Andrey Mira, accompanied at the piano by Antonio Luiz Barker. The program has opera arias like “Madamina, the catalog is this”, de Don Giovanni, by Mozart; “He has! what a moment”, the Fidelio, de Beethoven; and “your toast, I can give it back to you”, by Carmen, by Bizet.

On Friday, 20 August, another show “Italy in Mantiqueira”, with the baritone Rodolfo Giugliani and the pianist Antonio Luiz Barker. The repertoire includes several of Italian operas, such as “Of Provence on mar, the soil”, of La traviata, also gave. And even popular Italian and Brazilian songs like “'O Sole Mio” and “emotions”.

On Saturday, 21 August, the attraction is the soprano Jessica Leo. Star in full rise in the Brazilian opera scene, Jessica sings accompanied on the piano by Antonio Luiz Barker. In the program, opera arias like “I want to live”, of Romeo and Juliet, the Gounod, “Dear Name”, de Rigoletto, also gave, and still “Hell's Revenge”, the acquaintance “aria of the queen of the night”, from The Magic Flute, by Mozart.

Presentations always take place at 19 hours, at Fireplace Room, Toriba's musical heart, in the main building of the hotel.

SERVICE – The festival “Winter Music from the Magic Mountain” has performances throughout the winter. three whole months, from the winter solstice to the spring equinox – from 19 from June to 21 on Sep.
A Hotel Toriba is on Avenida Ernesto Diederichsen 2962, Campos do Jordao, SP. On the web, www.toriba.com.br.
Presentations are free for guests of the Toriba and for restaurant customers Plumes and Toribinha Bar & Fondue.
Telephone information and reservations (12) 3668-5000.

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