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“Inserções” at Patrícia Costa Gallery

Adriano Mangiavacchi completes more than 40 years of trajectory and exhibits new works

In 1982, Italian artist Adriano Mangiavacchi had his first solo show at Parque Lage. Four decades later, he presents recent and unpublished works in the exhibition “Inserções”, that opens the day 8 of december, at the Patricia Costa Gallery, in Copacabana, IS in the day 17, at the House of Petrópolis, in the Serra Fluminense.

Curated by Claudia Saldanha, to exhibition brings together more than 18 works produced between 2018 and 2022. Using the process of “seripainting” – term conceived by the artist that brings together the qualities of painting and serigraphy -, it produces screens of different formats agglutinated, as if they were pieces of billboards, composing a single work (some even measure 1.60m x 2.20m).

“Because ‘Inserts’? to insert is to include! Inclusion of several different parts to create a harmonious union. Insert is to enter, is to belong, is surrender, is diving, is to deepen. Anyway, In-being-tion is the act of “be” in!”, defines the artist.

are casual inserts, that rescue landscapes with the color of yellow, oranges and greens, present in the Brazilian nature that Mangiavacchi admires so much. The colors are the result of mixing acrylic paints, then numbered, meticulously, to create your own palette. in some frames, uses iridescent paints, resulting in metallic reflections.

“Adriano appropriates the landscape of Rio as someone who knows the city in depth.. an assiduous observer, that witnessing the life of its inhabitants and the landscape itself, ends up falling in love with his object of desire.”, says curator, Claudia Saldanha.

The fascination that urban art exerted on Mangiavacchi

At the age of seven, Adriano Mangiavacchi already reproduced the velvety texture of flowers with his colored pencils. In the 70, comes to Brazil and meets Luiz Aquila, when you start attending your painting course, in Petropolis.

In 1980, Adriano truly assumes the vocation for art, joining Paulo Garcez's group, who learns the discipline of work, the search for language, the critical stance. He resumes his fascination with urban poetry.

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In 1986, election eve, documented the remnants of advertisements that covered the city walls. The drama and spontaneity of these interventions ended up influencing a remarkable phase of his career., in a moment of great pictorial potential. “The city is an extraordinary source of inspiration”, the firm.

“Inserts” – solo show recent works by Adriano Mangiavacchi
Curated By: Claudia Saldanha
Opening: 8 of december, from 17:00 to 21:00
Visitation: from 9 th December 2022 to 14 January 2023
Operation: from Monday to Friday, from 11:00 to 7:00 pm; Saturdays, from 11:00 to 5:00 pm
Local: Galeria Patricia Costa
Address: Av. Atlantic, 4.240/shops 224 and 225 – Copacabana – RJ
Phone: +55 21 2227-6929/98868-1993
Free entry
Contacts: www.galeriapatriciacosta.com.br/@galeriapatriciacosta

Press information: BriefCom Communications Advisory/Bia Sampaio: +55 21 98181-8351/biasampaio@briefcom.com.br/@briefcomcomunicacao

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