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Green Workshop. Photo: Disclosure.

Green workshop also offers activities for children

The 34th Curitiba music workshop promotes until the day 22 January, another edition of "Green Shop", event that acts as environmental contribution and inspiration for people interested in urban ecology. All the activities are free and to participate you need to enroll for the link http://www.oficinademusica.org.br/cursos/oficina-verde/6

For this year, the lineup was expanded and also more workshops the event will have book launch, film screening and lecture by environmentalist Daniel Habib. The agenda of the Workshop Green takes advantage of the holiday period and also offers activities for children. On Wednesday (20), the square of Santa Maria Chapel receives Microjardinagem workshop, with Iracema Balasubramanian and Rene Skaraboto and on Thursday (21), children will learn with the magician Gardener to recognize herbs, do the planting and also how each plant can be used.


16/01/2016 -3:30 pm to 5:00 pm – Santa Maria Chapel square
Book launch “Transgenics: the seed that God did not create”, Michael Silveira, Valdir
The book aims to show the deleterious nature and fake liar that transgenics are good for health.”

Urban Garden workshop with the magician Gardener

19/01/2016 -3:30 pm to 5:30 pm – Cinémathèque de Curitiba
Cycle of Ideas “Sustainable Culture”, with Daniel Habib
Live moments of great contrasts. On one side we see the increasing destruction of the world and the ways of life, driven by progress and by eating less and less durable objects. But there was also, We see the continuous loss of understanding of the role of citizens in the world, in nature, in society.

Is it possible to rearrange our lives, our habits, refocusing our desires? And in parallel, We should expect others to decide and define for each one of us? Only politicians, rulers and businessmen must draw our future? In other words, who has the power to create a sustainable culture?

KIDS: 20 January, the 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm – Santa Maria Chapel square
ADULTS: 20 January, the 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm – The square Chapel Santa Maria
Microjardinagem workshop, with Iracema Balasubramanian and René Skaraboto

This workshop seeks to offer the public the simple practice of microjardinagem, and through this, an experience of interaction and reflection about the environment, the ecology, and principles of sustainability. At this meeting the gardening is presented as playful action, affective and awareness, being a rapprochement between man and nature. In addition to playful activity microjardim workshop will provide the contact with the Earth: a sensory activity that stimulates the tact, the smell and the sight. Finally, the use of gardening tools and both hands, stimulates the sensitivity, the sense of aesthetics, and develops the concentration.

21/01/2016 -2:00 pm to 5:00 pm – Santa Maria Chapel square
Aromatic Herbs workshop for children with the magician Gardener

In this workshop the children will learn a simple and fun way to recognize herbs, through an awareness of the senses: smell, tato, vision. Learn to do the planting of herbs and make change, by estaquias, and also how each herb can be used, for various purposes. Will be allotted herb seedlings, so that each participant mount your own vase.

21/01/2016 -3:30 pm to 5:00 pm – Cinémathèque de Curitiba
Movie “Trees of Curitiba”, Chico Carino

This movie teaches you how to identify the main species found in the streets, parks and squares of the city, shows your importance and get some facts about this living heritage of all curitibanos.

We should have some 200 different species in Curitiba and around 900 in the State of Paraná. Every day, many of them disappear without even knowing their names and several will disappear from the map before which they air from your grace.

In General, an adult from the big city can identify half a dozen to a dozen trees, including Araucaria, the ipê-yellow and the old lemon tree in the backyard. Among children and adolescents those numbers are still minors.

Hence the idea of producing a documentary showing the most common trees in the city and some of its features, before you get out of time. Divided into three videos (14min, 17min and 19 min), the DVD features 39 species and where to find them.

After the screening there will be chat with writer-director Chico Cardenas, and with the musician Celso Piratta soundtrack composer.

22/01/2016 -2:00 pm to 4:00 pm – Santa Maria Chapel square
Workshop “How to be zero waste”, with Jessica Pertile, Garbage ZeroEsta Institute workshop aims to demonstrate the means and tools to reduce waste, as well as guide about breakups and correct destination all waste generated in a residence.

Workshop “Home composting: from trash to fertilizer”, Flávia de Sá Sotto Maior and Jessica Pertile

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