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Baquetá Group. Photo: Disclosure.

Zumbi dos Palmares square receives the first Shows of African Culture

Within the Month of black consciousness and diversity, the Zumbi dos Palmares in American Square receives, This Saturday (21), the first Shows of African Culture. Among the attractions of the event that starts at 1:00 pm are presentations of groups of African culture, African dance class, jongo wheel and capoeira, exhibitions, basketball tournament, children's activities and workshops of bollard deturbante, dolls Abayomi and graffiti. Made possible by the Municipal Fund of culture through the Edict of the Regionals, the Afro is organized pel group Worships Baquetá with support of Curitiba City Hall and of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.

William Aguilar, Member of Baquetá, In addition to appreciating the afro art, the event aims to do a historical-social rescue black issue in Brazil. “We are at a time of rebuilding and reconstruction of the Afro-Brazilian history in Brazil. The event comes on this idea to restore the self-esteem of black people and make society realize all the damage that slavery and racism have brought to this population”.

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Another Member of the Group Baquetá, KaNêga Saints, the Zumbi dos Palmares square was chosen to host the event because it is the only square in Curitiba that represents the struggle of black people, that was also part of the formation of the city and the State: “I grew up here in the American, without knowing who was a zombie and without knowing that this represented me square. Is the space of the black population of Curitiba and needs to be busy with cultural actions, sports and educational”.


DAY: 21/11/2015

13h - Abertura
13H30-Samba de Pub on live Zombie-Samba de Pub
14H10-Haitian Kompa Music – Level
14H50-Proclaim its independence-Rapper LZÓ (The affirmative)
15H20-Aulão Afro dance-Maria Silva
15H50-Urban Dance Show – Power Panthers / Foot Work Crew
16H30-the black of Curitiba to African acoustic sound – Dani Passion
17H10-Show of Afro-Brazilian Capoeira Nation
17H50-Djing-Uhuru Selector
18H30-Jongo closing wheel

Zombie, your image-Rodrigo Amen
African Graffiti-Paulo Cesar Sampler / Trac
Graffiti Workshop: Urban Styles-Claudinei Silvestre Pereira
Turbantagem: Exhibition and workshop in turbans – Will Amaral

SPACE ON A SUGAR PLANTATION -Sale of handicrafts
Thin Black
Nicano Ngocikumbo
Fua Accessories

Basketball Tournament (entries on the day)

Activities for kids-with Bruna Francisco
More information facebook page: www.facebook.com/mostradeculturaafro

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