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Bahia production “Ocean” Inspired by Thornton Wilder's book

Directed and written by Bruno Masi, the Bahian film is an independent production of Rainha Cinema Digital

Freely inspired by Thornton Wilder's "Our City", “Ocean” is the new feature Directed by Bahian director Bruno Masi.

The film was produced in a totally independent and collaborative way by the producer Rainha Cinema Digital and recently participated in the Competitive Baiana of the XVIII Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema that took place at Cine Metha Glauber Rocha in Salvador and at Cine Theatro Cachoeiro, in Waterfall.

The plot follows Emily (Thais There), an actress who is preparing for another premiere “O Canto das Cigarras”, But a car accident changes everything., when she dies and ends up finding herself in an intermediate plane, a theater where you meet a spiritual director/master (Harilda Deda).

in his company, she watches your existence, now from another angle of perception, much more sensitive, talking philosophically about profound topics such as the weather, death, love and longing, leading Emily to understand much more clearly the events she went through on a journey to realize the value of small events in her life.

The film also features a cast made up of big names in Bahian theater such as Harildo Deda, Evelin Buchegger, Marcia Andrade, Jarbas Oliver, Thais There, Igor Epifânio, Annalu Tavares, Mariana Moreno, Wanderley Meira, Leandro Vila, Lucio Tranchesi, among others.

Bruno Masi and the producer Rainha Cinema Digital

beyond ocean, Bruno Masi has already directed the documentary series “nobody" (Winning project of the Bahia na Tela public notice, aired on TVE in 2021), beyond 11 short films. Bruno has a degree in film and marketing from Concordia University (Canada – 1997) and also in film acting by Studio Fátima Toledo (São Paulo – 2012).

In addition to works performed in cinemas, Bruno is also a musician and composer. His rock band “Superfly” of which he is the lead singer has already released 2 albums. His musical career still counts on 4 solo albums, all available on digital platforms.

The director is also a partner of the film production company Rainha Cinema Digital., that was created in 2004 and has produced numerous fiction films, documentaries and commercials. Among the main productions made by the producer, beyond “Ocean” and Nobody”, are the documentary The Skin of Prison (2012) and the short ones Divided (2013), Waiting time (2013), Relativizing (2014), Between them (2015), Gratitude (2015) and As much as Christ (2015).

The film Ocean will be available for screening in cinemas in Bahia, and this is a great opportunity for people from all over to get to know the region in addition to watching the film. Even living in more distant places, it is possible to rent a car or purchase semi-new in BH or other regions to get to know Bahia and watch the new film by Bruno Masi.

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