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Author: Lucas Quintas, Title: s/título 11 Série Ilusão, Year: 2020, Technique: linha e prego sobre chassi de madeira, Dimensions: 92 x 142 x 6cm. Photo: Disclosure.

ANNEX programming evokes interference in senses and sensations

Works that induce a sensation and movement, displayed in different and unique settings.

Annex CANVAS, with artistic coordination Duílio Ferronato and Higo Joseph, opens its exhibition schedule 2020 with the collective "Vertigo" and work Gustavo Aragoni, Luiz83, Lucas Quintas, Sueli Espicalquis. The etymology of the word Vertigo, originating from the Latin term vertigo, reports a person feels that he or objects around you are moving when they actually are not. "The works selected in the proposed reflect on the movement to which they refer, Similar to rotational movement or imbalance ", explain the coordinators.

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In 20 works that comprise "Vertigo”, Aragoni presents works where we can observe how the movement is present, with reference to repetition and agility. Lucas Quintas shows wall objects that recall the scales or levels, with pendulums that suggest movement, as well as a series highlighting the relationship of color in his work, where the move of the spectator is the common thread for the discovery of the agitations that colors cause us. Luiz83 participates with sculptures that seem to precede the fall, where the work pieces abut each other thus making the piece. Already Sueli brings his paintings where colorful shapes try to fit as they float in empty space. The color is also indicative of the movement, with their shades and combinations.

As part of a whole, but a non-collective, each artist has his own vision of the exposed selection. This concept is emphasized by the participants also have a voice in the conceptualization and exhibition curator. This is a participatory position encouraged by the coordinators of space.

To Gustavo Aragoni, "My works are born in inappropriate, the conflictual, there is a pre-set level. The result is a consequence of a process of experimentation. Soon, there is a meaning or a specific narrative that I intend to convey. I believe the public, through a careful recognition of images and objects presented is who will do their own reading and make their own connections ".

In the view of Lucas Quintas, "I want to convey to the public a questioning of what he is really seeing in each job, using materials, exploring issues such as continuity, voltage, lightness, rigidity and balance. With colorful lines of different thicknesses and colors, construct a drawing almost mathematical, where pictorialidade acts, putting their strength and dictating conceptual and matéricos results in my production ".

In the creative process Luiz83, the important thing is "always believe that it is possible! The constant search for new forms, materials and concepts, as for example, mix paulistana marginal printing to standard geometric shapes of the world stage of the visual arts ".

Sueli Espicalquis "I work a hypothesis where the act of painting can configure an act of seeking traces in order to map the present. Thinking about the tradition of painting, my painting it is a reflection of contemporary migration flows, displacements, globalized space ".

Oscillating or static, concrete or abstract, the work that makes up Vertigo meet its basic purpose to present themselves as recreational and copyright creations seeking to meet the meaning of the subject. The false sensation of movement can be induced by use of lines, forms, colors and formats. The brain is brought into movement by the contrast between the nuances and pictorial materials pallets while work leading to the reflection on the mobility hint, but do not produce.

Exhibition: “Vertigo
Artists: Gustavo Aragoni, Luiz83, Lucas Quintas, Sueli Espicalquis
Coordination: Duílio Ferronato and Higo Joseph
Opening: 07 March – from 13 at seven
Period: from 11 of the March 09 May 2020.
Local: Annex CANVAS
S. St. Benedict, 181 – 1º. Walk – Center, São Paulo
wtsp (11) 99403-0023
Timetables: Wednesday to Saturday from 13 17h or by appointment

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