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Rafael Murió – “Impressionism in the veins” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

Who watches the Domingão do Faustão, on Globo TV, may have noticed that this artist was three times, honored under “Big Screen Faustão”, know then with a little more detail its trajectory.

Nelson Rafael Muro, Rafael Murió artistic nome, born in São Caetano / SP in 26/02/1954.

Rafael Murió é Artista Plástico.

Rafael Died is an artist.

The artist Rafael Murió has, in equal doses, talent and sympathy. Developing an impressionistic study, was characterized by its painting made with hands, in the vast majority of screen space and end aid of brushes and other painting tools. Works following basic themes: Flowers, Marine, Religious Painting, Sumi-ê, but always based on the colors. In flowers the artist reflects the strength of his work, in marine sense of soul and religious painting, the controversial exercise. Married, 2 children, with more than 800 paintings sold and around the world, Rafael Murió is adamant that only the “release” can bring “creativity”. He explains: “For me creativity is connected with the exercise. Working out continuously, without the worry of giving satisfaction on the dash or painting is the greatest satisfaction in life.” Knowing his works is to give yourself the opportunity to discover the talent, beauty, the technical and the miracle of the hands of Rafael Murió. – Liba Friedman (journalist)

Artwork 7He began his studies to 9 years, having as one of its great masters in Brazil, Enrico Bastille, traditional painter of church frescoes of the State of São Paulo.

Outside developed his technique and style through travel and studies in artists studios and museums in Spain, Portugal, Paris, Germany, Italy and USA.

His paintings are present in large collections collectors, mainly European, American and Australian. In Brazil, can be found in the main auction art market, as well as galleries and museums. Outside has works in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, China, Russia, USA, Greece, China, Japan, Mexico among others. Holds numerous certificates, awards and honors, addition to records in several art guides.

Artwork 5His works were in important exhibitions and galleries, as Puroarte, in Spain, a Artexpo em New York e a World Fine Art Gallery, in the United States (New York – Washington – Miami – San Francisco – Chicago), a Art Meeting in London, in England, United in Art Brazil / Portugal II, in Portugal, Louvre Museum, França / Salons of Independents / Lounge Figuration Critique Poetry ea Visualle in Paris, France and Museum Pablo Neruda in Chile. It is affiliated to the International Association of Plastic Arts (IAA UNESCO), the International Association of Art (IAA UNESCO), to Academia de Arte Latino-Americana (ALA), Academia Brasileira de Arte Cultura e História (PSE), the São Paulo Association of Fine Arts (APBA) and the Plastic Artists Union of the State of São Paulo

Participation in some Art Guides:

  • Guide to the Art International Sermadiras – 16th. edition – France.
  • Figuration Critique – 1999 / France.
  • Salon des Independants – 1999.
  • Catalog of Fine Arts Julio Louzada 5th Vol., page 726 / 6th Vol., page 924 and 7th Vol., page 584.

Artwork 3

Presence in Museums and Galleries:

  • Museo de Pomezia - Itália.
  • Olympic Sport Art Museum - Sao Paulo.
  • Art Museum of the Parliament of Sao Paulo.
  • Museum Itápolis - Sao Paulo.
  • Galeria Bric-a-Brac – SP.
  • Gallery Val Santinho - SP.
  • Bowles/Sorokko Galleries – San Francisco, USA.
  • Hanson Art Galleries – New Orleans, USA.

Artwork 6 Artwork 2

Presence in some countries:

Portugal, Spain, France, England, Italy, Australia, Africa, Sweden, China, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Germany, Japan, Russia, USA (New York – Washington – Miami – San Francisco), Greece, China and México.

Artwork 1 Artwork 4

Rafael Murió in Domingão do Faustão, on the Globo TV in 17/02/15 via youtube:

Rafael Died Featured Profile

Facebook Profile | Website
E-mail: rafael@rafaelmurio.com.br

Source: www.rafaelmurio.com.br and Rafael Murió.





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