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Solar do Rosário, Gallery. Photo: Disclosure.
Solar do Rosário, Gallery. Photo: Disclosure.

Solar do Rosário takes students to visit art museums in Curitiba

Aim is that the students explore the educational potential
the cultural spaces of the city

In order to further expand the knowledge of the students enrolled in free course art history of Paraná, the Solar do Rosário developed a schedule of visits to exhibition spaces for the month of October.

In the days 10 and 11 October, Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, all students go to Alfredo Andersen Museum. The visit will be held of 9:00 at 12:00 and the site has free entry.

The second activity will occur in the days 24 and 25 October, Tuesday and Wednesday. So that they can exchange experiences and points of view, the students will be divided into two groups.

On 24 (Tuesday), the first group will participate in a visitation mediated by Oscar Niemeyer Museum. On this same day, the second group will be at the cultural Solar do Rosário to visit the exhibition in the galleries of the Circuit Bienal de Arte de Curitiba-Paraná artists of Daniele Henning and Raquel Fleet. The artists will be present for a conversation with students. The activity will be held from noon 10:00.

Over the course of art history of Paraná

The art history course of the Paraná is free and began the day 1 Aug. The goal is to introduce students to the art movements that exist in the State within a broader perspective of art history, exploring since the first movements that have marked the art infrastructure paranaense, around 1886, until the vanguard of the first decade of the 21st century.

Divided into modules, the content is passed on to students through lectures, speeches and statements by artists, teachers, critics, gallery owners and relatives of deceased artists. The forecast for end of course is end of November.

Supported by the Ministry of culture (SEEC), through the project of State law of incentive to culture (PROFICE), the course also includes sponsorship of Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Copel).

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