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Ngreigan Kayapo. Photo: blonde wedge.

Art by indigenous women from the Amazon becomes fashionable and promotes ethical trade

Rede Origens Brasil® promotes the connection of forest artisans and brands to value the culture and beauty of indigenous peoples For hundreds of years, women from different peoples originating from the Amazon reserve in their routine the moment of ...

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Cesar Coelho's work. Photo: Disclosure.

Ava Galleria presents the exhibition “Human being – an encoded text”, by Cesar Coelho

Ava Galleria presents the exhibition “Human being – an encoded text”, by Cesar Coelho, curated by Edson Cardoso, at Centro Cultural Correios RJ Plastic artist and shoe designer, which has a piece in the collection of the National Historical Museum, translates into ...

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Quintino Facci, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

architecture and fashion: It is possible to relate the two areas?

How two areas that seem so different, and who work with different parts and needs, can relate in art and other fields? São Paulo, June 2022 – The areas that work with aesthetics and art are always ...

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Cobogó Market. Photo: Matheus Fernandes.

Sets, gastronomy, visual arts and much more in the cultural calendar of the Cobogó Market

Reference in Brasilia, when the demand is to find original products combined with affective gastronomy experiences, the Cobogó Market has prepared a cultural calendar full of events for all tastes and ages Meeting point for people in love with art, ...

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Background photo created by benzoix - br.freepik.com

Tips on how to decorate clothing stores

A clothing store sells accessories for people's appearance and therefore deals directly with customers' self-esteem. For this reason, you need to know how to furnish clothing stores. Working with the decoration properly brings ...

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Free Online Cultural Qualification in Curation at CAW

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless professionals will need to innovate in their products, create new projects and strengthen ideas to make up for lost time. Aiming to contribute with professionals from all over Brazil, CAW productions that carries out projects in the most varied ...

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Terrace Cine Walk receives fair entrepreneurial

The Terrace Walk receives this Saturday (21) e domingo (22) the creative economy event "Your Fair". The initiative proposed by Balaio of Colab Cat seeks to promote the work of women entrepreneurs in Curitiba, with concepts involving collaborative economy, sets ...

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Emerson Lima encourages art through the streets of São Paulo with the fashion world celebrities

40 Photographers from all over the country and celebrities of the fashion world invited by Emerson Lima gathered for a photo soaking the Paulista capital's streets Photographic output promoted by portraitist Emerson Lima is a tradition in ...

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How to apply the red carpet look Bruna Marquezine in real life

The jewelry designer and digital influencer Analú Dietrich, pigs Store, She admits that many of us admire, but we can not create connection and draw inspiration for us to use in our lives: “Os looks ‘Red Carpet’ always seem distant and nothing ...

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55SP occupies not Poster 011

55SP is occupying artists with works in the intersection with fashion, Sao Paulo design and music, July 2018 – Starting tomorrow, Saturday, the 55SP will occupy the store Cartel 011 for a pop-up project. The space ...

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