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Online order “OFF HAMLET”. Photo: Thiago Drummond.

CLA. Praxis Arte debuts online show ‘OFF HAMLET’, an essayistic version for the classic by William Shakespeare

Directed by Erick Gallani and co-directed by Fernando Aveiro, editing part of documentary aesthetics to create a kind of making of the creative process of the piece, Virtue has to ask forgiveness for addiction. ” ...

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‘Long Years’ show. Photo: Rafael Zanon.

Show 'Longos Anos' makes last sessions on Instagram

The show “Longos Anos”, staged by the playwright and theatrical director Homero Ferreira, concludes its virtual season on Instagram this week. The last three sessions take place on Thursday, 1April th, to Saturday, day 3, live, always at 20.30. ...

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A Casatória c'a Defunta da Cia. Teatro Sweet Bread. Photo: Mickaelly Moreira.

Resistencias Scenic Exhibit Announces Selected Projects

Online event that happens from 23 to 30 of April will bring in its programming works from nine states within the Scenic Connection module, presenting an overview of theatrical production in times of pandemic Nine projects designed by artists, groups and ...

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Expetáculo "Macbeth 2020", featured. Photo: © Anax Altamiranda.

Luis Lobianco acts and directs “Macbeth 2020”

Federal Government, State Government of Rio de Janeiro, State Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro and Fábrica de Eventos, através da Lei Aldir Blanc apresentam Luis Lobianco atua e dirige “Macbeth 2020” O filme-teatro Macbeth 2020, ...

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XSINDZIVXS experience. Photo: Maju Pereira.

GAL reflects on madness in his first work for virtual environment

In ‘XSINDZIVXS Experience’, theater group artists from São José do Rio Preto are inspired by the Hospital Colônia de Barbacena and the trajectory of Dzi Croquettes. Premiere has open rehearsal, chats and online sessions, through ProAC Expresso LAB ...

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& quot; The Last Invention & quot;, show by Grupo De Pernas Pro Ar. Photo: Tayhú Wieser.

Grupo De Pernas pro Ar debuts ‘The Last Invention’ This Friday (12) in Canoas

One of the most awarded theatrical companies from Rio Grande do Sul performs virtual circulation in nine cities in RS, promoting exchanges with local groups and dialogue with the public Long before the covid-19 pandemic took place on the planet, impondo restrições ...

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MARGARETH Series, produced by CAW - Independent Artists. Photo: Disclosure.

Art and Scenography of the MARGARETH Series stands out

It happened last Sunday at the Mercure Hotel in Nova Iguaçu, the official launch of the MARGARETH Series, produced by CAW (@cawoficial), a collective for Independent Artists. The series will have some episodes set in Nova Iguaçu, which will also feature artists from ...

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Order online & quot; The Ends of Sleep & quot;. Photo: Francisco Turbiani.

Coletivo Cardume debuts online play ‘Os Fins do Sono’, from questions made by the American essayist Jonathan Crary

With direction by Francisco Turbiani and text by Luis Felipe Labaki, the assembly imagines the dystopian reality of a city that receives sunlight 24 hours a day, preventing people from sleeping The criticisms of capitalist society proposed by the controversial ...

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Joelson Medeiros and Ester Jablonski in the play “Beware of needy and lonely old ladies”. Photo: © Vinícius Giffoni.

Beware of needy and lonely old ladies

Cinema theater play designed by director Fernando Philbert, from the work of Matéi Visniec, opens nationwide on the day 20 February, with free tickets and internet transmission. “Let's wake up and really open our eyes to the world. ...

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Aline Guimarães in performance "Everything Balances Because God Dances". Photo: Disclosure.

After performing at sea, Aline Guimarães enters the forest in a play directed by Álamo Facó

Performance will be held at Parque Lage The play “Tudo Balança Because Deus Dança”, inspirada em uma obra escrita por Aline Guimarães com o mesmo nome, já arrastou o público para alto mar e agora a autora arrastará os espectadores para uma ...

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