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Funarte via Portal Editais e Afins. Disclosure.

Funarte Art Notice Everywhere, by Rosângela Vig

Notice of Public Notice via Public Notices and Related: The National Arts Foundation - Funarte, through Editarte Funarte Arte Everywhere, will reward 494 video workshops that encourage practices and thinking aimed at the visual arts, circus, ...

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The Baker Chapters - Beto Matos and Cristiane Zuan Esteves. Photo: personal archive.

Webserie Baker's Chapters relates show research to current Brazil

Divided into 10 chapters, webseries shows the unfolding of the original dramaturgy of the play The Story of Baker, by Cristiane Zuan Esteves and Beto Matos. Each day an online conference piece is presented with guest participation, que debatem com o ...

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Photo: Disclosure (Mariana Gabriel) | Edson Lopes Junior (Miguel Arcanjo Prado) | Belisario Tonsich (Maurício Tizumba).

Project 'Palhaférico' promotes cycle of debates on black protagonism in clowning

Invited to the chats are Mariana Gabriel, Miguel Arcanjo Prado and Mauricio Tizumba. Project still foresees debut of street theater show, cinema session and workshop Who are the black clowns and clowns who made history in the ...

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Franco Arminius. Photo: Disclosure.

The Italian Institute of Culture promotes the 3rd edition of the “Ateneo Virtuale” Meeting Cycle

The Italian Institute of Culture promotes the 3rd edition of the Cycle of Meetings “Ateneo Virtuale” to address themes of literature, of art, of Italian cinema and theater, free for the public to participate at home. O próximo encontro será entre ...

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Little Circus. Photo: Tami Kaumodaki.

Little Circus

Live of Circus brings juggles, balancing, contortion and a lot of clowning this weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your popcorn and reserve your seats on the couch, because the laughter is guaranteed with the greatest show on Earth, no menor circo ...

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Orchidee Show (orchids). Photo: Disclosure.

Italian Cultural Institute of Rio de Janeiro offers four unpublished performances by renowned Italian theater director Pippo Delbono for free

Italian Cultural Institute of Rio de Janeiro offers four unpublished shows by renowned Italian theater director Pippo Delbono in six different languages. Unprecedented in the history of theater, a iniciativa única envolveu mais de dez instituições culturais no ...

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Michelangelo, The creation of Adam. Disclosure.

The Italian Institute of Culture promotes a cycle of exclusive meetings with academic professors from Italy and Brazil

The first meeting will be conducted by professors of Italian Language and Literature at Universidade Federal Fluminense-UFF, Guido Alberto Bonomini and Paolo Torresan, about the three great artists of the Italian Renaissance: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raffaello Sanzio. Friday, day 29 ...

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[CANCELED] Inspired by true secrets of anonymous people, 'Tell No One' debut SP Theater School Day 27 March

With text by Luan Carvalho and direction by Stephane Sousa, Spectacle Collective Pulsating flirts with Luigi Pirandello and the theater of the absurd of Samuel Beckett, in addition to Jean-Paul Sartre's existentialist drama Secrets of ordinary people collected during a ...

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Culture Room Leila Diniz presents "Pirates and Princesses"

On the second Saturday of March, day 14, Leila Diniz Culture Room receives Cia Infocus for another edition of Cultural Giro. At 12 hours will be displayed, for free, the play "Pirates and Princesses", that tells the ...

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"Why do not we live?"Discusses the importance of the individual to the social transformations

Show Marcio Abreu adapts text Anton Chekhov, Teatro Cacilda Becker; Camila Pitanga is in the cast of eight actors Between days 14 February and March 1, the play "Why Do not We live?”Makes season in ...

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