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Dalto. Photo: Disclosure.

Sunday afternoons recalls songs and artists that have marked generations

Dalto participates in the second season of the project of the Globe,
in Copacabana, on 18 October

O público que gosta de recordar sucessos e cantar músicas que marcaram gerações terá a oportunidade de reencontrar seus artistas preferidos no Tardes de Domingo. On 18 October, Sunday, the singer Dalto – known for songs Mirrors of water, Very strange and People -will be at the kiosk of the Globe, in Copacabana, for a free presentation at 5:00 pm.

The son of poet and composer, Dalto learned to play to 15 years and soon rode his first rock band, The Hapalooses. Influenced by his idols-James Taylor, Ray Charles and the Beatles – the artist composed more than 1,000 songs before starting his solo career. In 1982, launched the hit Very strange (Take good care of me), one of the Brazilian music that more time took first place in the history of BRAZILIAN POPULAR MUSIC. Marina Lima, Beto Guedes, New Clothes, Ray Connif, Daniela Mercury, Simone, Jorge Aragão, Byafra, Zizi Possi, Erasmo Carlos, Fafá de Belém, Preta Gil, Leo Jaime, among others, I've recorded songs of Dalto.

*Por conta da forte chuva que caiu na primeira data de apresentação do cantor Dalto e impediu a realização desta edição, a Globo decidiu reagendar o show para que os fãs possam conferir os sucessos do artista no dia 18 October.

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Sunday afternoons:

The museum was created in 2014, the Sunday afternoons aims to remind songs and artists that have marked generations. Participated in the first season of the project the singers Hyldon, Kiko Zambianchi, Nico Rezende, Patricia Marx, in the Kiosk of the Globe, and Michael Sullivan, Mohf, and The Fevers, trucks-stage in Burned, Magé and Belford Roxo, respectively.


Attraction: Dalto
Date: 18 October (Sunday)
Time: 17h

Address: Globe kiosk, in Copacabana (height of Muthiah)

Next attraction:

Date: 8 November, Sunday
Attraction: Wanderley Cardoso
Time: 18h (show) / 17h (DJ)

Local: Mantiquira square, in Xerém

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