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Tarsila do Amaral frame in Ema House Museum Klabin. Photo: Disclosure.

Visits to Museums and chat with the artist Rosana Paulino

The route begins with a visit to the collection of Ema House Museum Klabin, goes through an exhibition at the MAB-FAAP ends with a chat with a artist that has its production linked to social issues, ethnic and gender

How about visiting two museums and even take part in a chat with one of the greats of contemporary art?

The next day 2 October, on wednesday, from the 3:00 pm, Ema Klabin Foundation and the Brazilian Art Museum of FAAP unite to an integrated business. Are just 15 vacancies and registration is open on site: www.emaklabin.org.br

The visit begins with the collection of Ema Klabin which has more than 1500 artworks. Then the public addresses, with free shipping, the MAB-FAAP to know the exhibition "Words Add up – Poetics, art, freedom, political, truth, resistance, attitude.

"After the visits, who wants, You can participate in a chat with the visual artist Rosana Paulino and learn of its history and its art linked to social issues, ethnic and gender ", explains the coordinator of the educational sector of Ema House Museum Klabin, Cristiane Alves.

The visit will include a free shuttle between the two institutions.

about artist Rosana Paulino:

PhD in visual arts from the School of Communication and Arts of USP, expert in engraving by London Print Studio (London) and a BA in Engraving (Eco / Cf.). As an artist has stood out for its production linked to social issues, ethnic and gender. His works have mainly focused on black women's position in Brazilian society and the various types of violence suffered by this population due to the racism and the marks left by slavery.

It has works in major museums such as the Modern Art Museum of Sao Paulo (MAM), University Of New Mexico Art Museum, New Mexico ( USA) and Afro-Brazil Museum(SP).

Integrated visit: Ema Klabin Foundation and Brazilian Art Museum of FAAP
Day: 02/10 – on wednesday
15h: Meeting at the Ema Klabin Foundation to visit the Collection
16h às 16h30: Coffee break
16h30: Scroll to the MAB / FAAP (free shuttle)
17h: visit the exhibition Words Add up the MAB / FAAP and activity on Mail Art
18h to 7:00 pm: Conversation with the artist Rosana Paulino, for those interested
Vacancies: 15
Registration for the site: www.emaklabin.org.br
Home: Ema Klabin Foundation – Portugal Street, 43 – Phone: 3897 3232
completion: Museum of Brazilian Art - Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado – Street: Alagoas, 903 -Phone: 36627198
Note. The transfer will be made available by museums

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