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Walter Macedo Filho opens photography exhibition at the Espaço Cultural Municipal Sérgio Porto Gallery

Urban Kaleidoscope brings together 30 images selected by Ana Soter

The images of Walter Macedo Filho have already been in Barcelona, Zurich, Rome and from the day 18 November, will occupy the gallery of the Sérgio Porto Municipal Cultural Space (Rua Humaitá, 163). Curated by Ana Soter, exhibition “Urban Kaleidoscope” is made up of 30 photographs in P&B, being 8 measuring 30×40 and 22 em 14×14 printed in fineart.

“My universe has always revolved around the words, of fictional creation. I suddenly realized the obvious: Images also tell their stories. In particular the street images, those very familiar, that we bump into every day and don't even pay attention anymore", says Walter. ‘Urban Kaleidoscope’ is on display until 17 October.

another look

Oscar D’Ambrosio


Photography is a universe of looks. It is only possible to visually interpret the world in another way when one is permanently aware of what is happening around her.. If the poet seeks the right word, the photographer literally hunts for the image that pleases him most, the one who can perceive and capture.

Walter Macedo Filho has a whole poetics based on the observation of detail. The perception of your gaze is carried out by the concept that there is a lot to see when you are permanently attentive. The ways of seeing are many – and the perceptions are absurdly infinite and vary according to the sensitivity and references of each one..

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The wonderful game of art is established when each person's ability to see dialogues with the look of the person receiving the image.. Enter a cluttered cosmos, because art is precisely a world of its own in which a balanced disorder predominates that allows multiple feelings. Views converge and diverge, but don't fight for space.

There isn't one look better than the other, but a multiplicity of affections. Walter Macedo Filho presents in his images the predominance of geometric elements, lights and shadows. Thus, with subtle serenity and sensitivity, builds a unique and differentiated look at a reality that is always renewed if we know how to observe it.

Oscar D'Ambrosio is a journalist by USP, master in Visual Arts by UNESP, degree in Letters (Portuguese and English) and Doctor of Education, Art and History of Culture at Mackenzie University and Communication and Marketing Manager of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo. Responsible for the website www.oscardambrosio.com.br

WALTER MACEDO FILHO is a playwright, Theatre Director, journalist, screenwriter, writer, cultural manager and photographer. He joined the CPT Dramaturgy Circle, coordinated by Antunes Filho, and the SESI-British Council Dramaturgy Center. As a cultural manager, worked at SESC São Paulo, Carioca Dicró Arena, State Park Library and Augusto Boal Institute. In 2012, published his book of cloudy short stories, by Publisher 7Letras. In 2017, your tale “The end of psychiatry” was selected for the special edition “Civilization and Barbarism” (collection), from Ghetto Magazine. In 2017, premiered his show “Meeting” (author and director) with actresses Adriana Karla Rodrigues, Adriana Rabelo and Lis Maia. In 2018 directed the show “Between four walls”, by Jean-Paul Sartre, with actors Adriana Karla Rodrigues, Nina Rosenthal, Pus Garcia e Pedro Cabizuca, with movement direction by Ana Amélia Vianna. presented, at the Café Pequeno Theater, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, the show “The end of psychiatry – um stand-up drama”, with texts of your own. He also directed the show, which had in the cast Rubens Camelo, Daniel Bouzas, Nina Rodrigues and Adriana Karla Rodrigues. Currently, you have your new show (author and director) “The Discovered Woman” on display at the Theater, monologue with performance by Adriana Karla Rodrigues and movement direction by Ana Amélia Vianna.

Exhibition “Urban Kaleidoscope”, by Walter Macedo Filho

Curator – Ana Soter

Opening - Day 15 September, Thursday, at 19h

By 17/10

visitation: from thursday to monday, from 17:00 to 20:30

Sérgio Porto Municipal Cultural Space Gallery

Rua Humaitá, 163 – Humaitá – Rio de Janeiro – RJ



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