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Wesley D´Amico

Wesley D´Amico é Artista Plástico.

Wesley D'Amico is a Visual Artist.

Wesley D´Amico

The free gift of God was given to me, I try to use it as much creating Art in Miniature, Panels and Engravings.

Ask my Full Curriculum of Reports and Exhibition through my Facebook Profile or e-mail: wesleydamico@gmail.com


  • Presentation at the Centro Cultural São Paulo day 18/04/2014. Projection throughout the soiree.
  • Exhibition at the Casa da Cultura de Piracicaba, Capivari, Rio das Pedras, Elias Fausto.

General Reports:

Reporting on G1 | Website Terra | Colectivo Audiovisual Microroto | Conexão UAI


Reporting on Jornal Ensaio:


Art in Miniature:

Obra de Wesley D´Amico.
See All the Artworks of the Visual Artist in Exhibition in the Virtual Gallery.


Mombuca São Paulo
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E-mail: wesleydamico@gmail.com



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