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55SP continues until day 27 with works of the Platform Jacaranda

Show has works by artists like Vik Muniz, Nuno Ramos and Luiz Zerbini affordable

São Paulo, April 2018 – Until the next day 27 April, Friday, the public may know the 25 works in the group exhibition Editions Jacaranda the new exhibition space of 55SP (See hours of operation below).

It is the first time that works from serial platform Jacaranda will be out of the art fair circuit affordable. Admission is free.

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"Jacaranda Edition" brings together the artistic production of the last two years by artists such as Afonso Tostes, Arjan Martins, Cadu, Caio Reisewitz, Carlos Vergara, Carlito Carvalhosa, Chiara Banfi, Daniel current, Ding Musa, Emmanuel Nasser, Janaina Tschape, José Bechara, Lenora de Barros, Lucia Koch, Luiz Zerbini, Marcone Moreira, Marcos Chaves, Maria Laet, Mauro Restiffe, Nuno Ramos, Raul Mourão, Vicente de Melo and Vik Muniz. Two three-dimensional works of artists Marcelo City and Marcius Galan are also exposed.

Are pieces created especially to ensure the continuity of the activities of the Platform Jacaranda, which publishes works and Brazilian artists abroad, and edit a quarterly magazine for free circulation and promote exhibitions.

“The Rosewood Platform publishes a free magazine and organizes exhibitions since 2015 in order to create new connections between Brazil's current production and the international art circuit. Our existence would not be possible without the cooperation and active participation of artists” says Raul Mourao, artist and one of the creators of the Platform Jacaranda.

"This partnership is in line with our assumptions. It is an opportunity to the new collector and interested in this market, besides contributing to the dissemination of Brazilian art on the world stage by supporting the Jacaranda Platform ", evaluates Julia Morelli, creator of 55SP. It is the first time that Platform pieces will be exhibited in an exclusive area of ​​Sao Paulo, outside the art fair circuit.

new space

The 55SP was born in March 2015 with a mission to democratize access to the works of major Brazilian and international artists. In addition to launching and market works, the 55SP held several exhibitions in independent art spaces, as Plataforma91, Cartel011, Pair e Emma Thomas. In his new space, next to the gallery Pilar, the musical performances will 55SP, Art book launches, courses and talks with artists and guests. "We will continue with the online platform with the entire collection 55SP, the physical space comes from the desire to add, bring to space special projects, Revision partnerships, sound art performances, courses and also conversations between artists ", Julia Morelli complete.

About 55SP

Created to spread the contemporary art, the 55SP has fueled the new collecting and buyer's relationship to art and artistic production. In addition to working publicizing new artists, bet on consolidated market names, producing, with the support Trustees, limited and exclusive editions of works. It is also responsible for exhibitions, performances and occupations that can happen exclusively online, in galleries or even in public spaces.

55SP @ Shows collective issues Rosewood
Even day 27 April – Free Entry
Local: Barão de Tatuí, nº 377, Santa Cecilia
Opening time: Tuesday to Friday from 11 to 19 pm and on Saturday from 11 to 17 hours
More information on: www.55sp.art

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