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Gold Medal: Carlos Borsa, 1Th Edition of the Hall of Visual Arts Quarantine. Photo: Disclosure.
Gold Medal: Carlos Borsa, 1Th Edition of the Hall of Visual Arts Quarantine. Photo: Disclosure.

Opening of the 1st National Visual Arts Exhibition in Quarantine by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

"The artist is enthralled as art flies"

“We would like once again to congratulate the organizers and jurors of the, for the unprecedented and brilliant initiative ”. Where artists known or still unknown, who seek their space in the universe of arts, in all its aspects, and that participating in the Salon had the opportunity to publicize their works and become known.

All are winners, regardless of whether they are awarded or not, because there is no beautiful or ugly art, what exists is simply “Art”.

"May more initiatives like this come."

Edmundo Cavalcanti

After careful analysis of 890 works entered from artists from all over Brazil and with representation from 9 countries (Brazilian artists living abroad) of the 4 Continents, the jury selected 40 finalist works to compete for the Jury Prize, Gold medals, Silver and bronze.

In the last day 28/04, this which is the first fully virtual Arts Salon in the country's history, opened the exhibition, punctually 12:00 hours and released the 40 works selected by the Jury, among 890 entries received. The repercussion in the media, the number of entries and the quality of the works, further reinforce the event as one of the most popular in Brazil.

The 4 award-winning artists were:

Jury Award: Anna Moraes – Micropaisagens (Object) – Florianópolis / SC

Gold Medal: Carlos Borsa - Marat Velado (Painting) – São Paulo/SP

Silver Medal: Fernando Ekman Simões – Bike in Chelsea (video art) São Paulo/SP

Bronze medal: Filipe Cardoso Matos – (Mixed Media) – Belo Horizonte/MG

Also in opening of the Salon, the popular online voting phase began and 36 of the selected works compete for the Audience Award. Voting extends to day 03/05 (Sunday) at noon. Navigating the classified works gallery is a visual delight.

Asked about the Salon's success and what can still be expected from it, Marcus Marks Jr., one of the creators and organizers of the event, answered: “The Quarantine Hall will not end at its closing, nor will it cool down after voting. Some actions to democratize art and promote the artist, thought by the Commission, will be announced in due course. We still have a lot of news ”.

Only by way of clarification to the participants, all the works were appreciated by the jurors, without prior knowledge or with any mention or indication of their authors contained in the object under analysis, and any indication of the authorship of the work was digitally hidden by the team at the Salon, allowing jurors total impartiality, suitability and freedom to judge the works.

The selected works can be appreciated, as well as voted by the link:

Vote for as many works as you want, but you can only vote ONCE FOR EVERY WORK.


Selected artists:

Adriano Escanhuela - Sao Paulo, SP- (photography)
Alexandre Eça - Sao Paulo, SP (photography)
Ana Luiza Vareliano Yoneda - Olinda, PE (photography)
Aníbal Turenko Beça - Manaus, AM (engraving)
Anna Moares - Florianópolis, SC (object)
Breno de Sanťana Gouveia - Rio de Janeiro, RJ (photography)
Carlos Borsa - Sao Paulo, SP (painting)
Caró de Castro Brandão - Bertioga, SP (engraving)
Demontier Meireles Vasconcelos - Santos, SP (digital art)
Dircéa Alves Mountfort - São Paulo, SP (painting)
Enzo Coletti Manzoli - Araraquara, SP (photography)
Fabrício R. Garcia (Manohead) – Garopaba, SC (painting)
Fausto Fernandez - Sao Paulo,SP (photography)
Fernando Ekman Simões - Sao Paulo, SP (video)
Filipe Cardoso Matos - Belo Horizonte, MG (mixed media)
Gabriela Fune de Oliveira - Brasília, DF (engraving)
Heloisa F. Pajtak (Alaska) – São Paulo, SP (drawing)
João Paulo Duarte de Sousa - Fortaleza, EC (photography)
Larissa Camnev - Campinas, SP (photography)
Laura Mello de Mattos Anacleto - Sorocaba, SP (painting)
Lilian Ortega Desiderio - Curitiba, PR (painting)
Luanderson Conceição dos Santos - Belém, PA (painting)
Magali Tieppo Robaina - Curitiba, PR (painting)
Mara Toledo - Sao Carlos, SP (painting)
Marcele Campanini - Itapira, SP (object)
Marcus Vinicius B. Duchen Auroux - Sao Paulo (painting)
Mari Westt - Curitiba, PR (sculpture)
Maria Claudineide A. Macêdo - Juazeiro do Norte, EC (photography)
Marina Schenkel Jensen - Campinas, SP (artist book object)
Monica Mendes F. Neves - Belo Horizonte, MG (painting)
Patrícia Amato - Atibaia, SP (mixed)
Ghirotto - Piracicaba, SP (painting)
Richard Augusto da Silva - Bauru, SP (digital art)
Rita Caruzzo - Sao Paulo, SP (object)
Sergio Bilous - João Pessoa, PB (video art)
Sérgio Luiz Oliveira - Belo Horizonte, MG (collage)
Simone Aparecida Tomé - Sorocaba, SP (object)
Stive Ferreira de Sousa - Fortaleza, EC (drawing)
Thiago Assis Felisberto Petronilho - Carangola, MG (mixed)
Vone Petson Pereira Branquinho - Porto Nacional, TO (mixed)

Organizing committee:

Luiz Rings
Marcus Marks Jr.
Rafael Zafalon
cavy Flush


Luisa Paraguay
Lauro Monteiro
Fernando Naviskas
Oscar D’ambrosio




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