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The reader that presents the artistic research of Alexander D'angeli. Photo: Disclosure.

Alexander D ' Angeli offers the reader at Sesc Ipiranga

Action that was part of the show Moves from Mezzanine Gallery
for three days within the project Performapa

13 national and international authors books with romance, poetry and art are the starting point of THE READER. The new work of the artist Alexandre D'angeli, integrates the Performapa Project, the Sesc Ipiranga, and happens days 4, 5 and 6 November, Friday at 9:30 pm, Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 6:30 pm, in the Auditorium of the unit.

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THE READER It's a performance that presents the artistic research of Alexander D'angeli about the presence of the body in oral literature – the artist designed a table instead of table top has a box that holds 100 pounds of sand where are buried the books. The programme of action proposes that the titles one by one from being unearthed by the performer and read excerpts aloud for two minutes, time that is marked by a sand timer (Hourglass).

Among the books that are part of the work highlighted Texts for Nothing, by Samuel Beckett; Vidas Secas, by Graciliano Ramos; Stream-Phloem, Hilda Hilst; The Book Of Disquiet, Fernando Pessoa; All Poetry, of Paulo Leminski; Hopscotch game, by Julio Cortázar; The workshop of Giacometti, by Jean Genet and Orlando, of Virginia Woolf. The top of the form.

Performance O LEITOR que apresenta a pesquisa artística de Alexandre D’Angeli. Foto: Divulgação.

The reader that presents the artistic research of Alexander D'angeli. Photo: Disclosure.

Search for treasures

For D'angeli performance deepens your research issues about possible interactions between body and space. If the action Waste, 300 pounds of red sand were used to cover the body artist static for a period of 3 hours, now the same sand, but black, copper objects at home that are waiting to be revealed "books", What happens at the moment that are activated by reading.

According to the artist, the new performance also plays focus on the origin of the word. "The book is just an object and becomes something only when discovered, opened and read. Browse the books in the middle of 100 pounds of sand, Open a page at random and read for two minutes is a search for small treasures, a real work of archaeology ", He explains.

A Performapa Project, the Sesc Ipiranga, brings a lot of artistic experimentations with the body, that travels between different languages exploring the hybrid form.

About Alexander D'angeli

Performer, actor and puppeteer with a degree in performing arts. Specialized in Dramatic corporeal MIME and Theatrical Stunt by Ecole International de Mime Corporel Dramatique Gestuel of Paris, under the guidance of master Ivan Bacciocchi. Interested especially for the languages more directly related to the body, and that operate at the intersection of performance and the theatre. He was founder and artistic director of the soul 2. Participated in the occupation project “It's Right There” the Sesc Ipiranga with Listening to the Sheep Sleeping, performance with texts of the author and cartoonist Caco Gallardo, He also participated in the Festival Sesc Rio de Janeiro's winter and Virada Cultural in Belo Horizonte at Sesc Palladium. Integrated display Communal Land – Marina Abramovic + MAI as a facilitator of the Abramovic method. In the same year 436, long-term performance and installation, proposing to visitors of the Memorial of the resistance of São Paulo Assembly of 436 paper faces in memory to the dead and missing politicians. In 2010 was responsible for the artistic interventions carried out in the Tietê Bus Terminal during the Virada Cultural, emphasis on Valuables and Présence Decroux. Participated with the performance Valuables parallel opening 29th São Paulo biennial promoted by Sesc Campinas. Creator and performer in Molloy – The end is the beginning and yet continue, Show sign Theatre solo inspired by the novel by Samuel Beckett, who participated in the show "Samuel Beckett – 100 years "organised by SESC Santana and joined the VII Shows Cariri of arts through the Revolving Stage of SESC Ceará. In 2016 He joined the V biennial of Performance of Bogotá and the Festival La Plaformance-networked Resistance. He also participated in the SP-art and MP3 – Mostra Internacional de Performance de Belo Horizonte with the performance Waste, work in 2015 was held at the bad habits of Artistic Intervention Space, in the city of Porto, in Portugal, and also in the project Performance in Meeting the Sesc Campinas. At the end of July took part in the second edition of the Mezzanine Gallery MOVES with the performance The Reader and in October held the performance An ergonomic study of the Ephemeral, in Permeable Presence project, the square of the arts, in São Paulo.


For script:

THE READER -Days 4, 5 and 6 November, Friday at 9:30 pm, Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 6:30 pm, in the Auditorium of the Sesc Ipiranga. Performance of Alexander D'angeli. Free to all audiences. Capacity – 40 places. Duration – 60 minutes. FREE -Withdrawal of admission with 1 hour in advance at the box office of the unit.

SESC IPIRANGA -Good Shepherd Street, 822 -Ipiranga. Phone- (11) 3340-2000. Access for disabled people. Box office -From Tuesday to Friday 12 to 21 hours, Saturday from 10 at 9:30 pm and Sunday and holiday 10 to 18 hours (tickets for sale in all units of the SESC). There is no parking. www.sescsp.org.br.

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