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ConsumArte. Disclosure.
ConsumArte. Disclosure.

Friends Create Podcast That Chats With Artists About Life Path, influences and references


The project is only six months old., but it already has big names in the art.

It is very common to hear that during this period of the pandemic people created new projects, acquired hobbies or resumed old contacts. Henrique Corregedor and Léo Prado from São Paulo followed the same path. Friends for more than 25 years, the two decided to create, at the end of december 2020, a Podcast that chats with artists about their life trajectory, influences and references. All this in a lightweight format, relaxed and unscripted.

Faced with a period of many uncertainties, the way was to spend my free time trying to find and consuming new content in the media, mainly not YouTube. That's when friends began to notice the emergence of some podcasts and soon saw the boom of this format happen in the pre-election period for the city of São Paulo.

The creation of ConsumA

The idea of ​​creating a podcast that talked about the arts, but from the perspective of knowing the life story of artists, in an unscripted format, without agenda and mainly that it was an "organic" chat, was born in the face of a repressed demand that the two had after a period of research on the networks.

The two realized that many and many programs interviewed artists, following script and agenda, to talk about projects, awards or in-depth discussions about works, but never from the perspective of actually showing who the person behind the artist persona was. This was the starting point for Henrique to provoke Léo to question together why no one took a more “human” approach to getting to know that person's life trajectory.. And that's how ConsumArte was created.

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Every Monday morning there is a new episode available for you to listen to on all audio platforms.

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