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Photo Sebastião Salgado.

Apart Private Gallery opens exhibition "mix" with works by Sebastião Salgado, Araquém Alcantara and guest artists

Curated by Thais Marin, exhibition brings together artists
new and embodied in a mixture of sensations

São Paulo, 23 January 2018 – Wherever he goes, Thais Marin approaches artists and art appreciators. The advertising, writer and entrepreneur now brings to Brazil the show "Mix", which brings together works by established names like Sebastião Salgado and Araquém Alcantara with the work of seven other emerging artists. The exhibition is in APART Private Gallery, in São Paulo, until early February 2018.

Visitors to the exhibition will go through a whirlwind of emotions, a mixture of what it feels like what you see. The term "blend" also refers to different shapes and colors that make up the sample. The public will have access to selected artists who move between photography and graphite. Are they: Sebastiao Salgado, Araquém Alcantara, Chico Castro, Fernando Schlaepfer, Leo Macias, Luiz Sparrow, Niki Nomura, Pol Kurucz is Ronah Carraro.

Advertising with passages in large agencies in Brazil and entrepreneurial, Thais Marin is Co-founder of APART Private Gallery and curator of the exhibition. She explains that it was always his goal approaching artists from connoisseurs of his creations. "The apart is the first gallery in Brazil to work inside an apartment, therefore a unique space, reserved for small pre-selected groups. We want to bring a soaking and a closeness between the audience and the work, which is only possible with this art gallery format. "

About union between big names – as the photographer Sebastião Salgado, you have your work recognized worldwide and, recently, He became the first Brazilian to join the traditional French Fine Arts Academy – with the art market exponents, Thais comments: "One of my main goals with apart is to highlight the work of talented artists who are beginning their career. I want to bring to the gallery of the new world, showing how our art is constantly changing. "

Service: exposure Mixing

The exhibition will be on until February Apart 2018.

To schedule a visit, contact through the site www.apartprivategallery.com or via email apart@apartprivategallery.com.

Sobre a apArt Private Gallery

The Private Gallery Apart in your environment is partly inspired by Christian Boros attitude. A German who turned an abandoned bunker in Berlin in an art gallery and home, where currently the collector lives with his wife.

Opened in Sao Paulo in 2013, Apart the Private Gallery currently has spaces in Bogota, Colombia – current residence of Thais and her husband, also the publicist and artist Leo Macias – and New York – which has the support of the entrepreneur and executive director Maria Ines Moraes. Over 50 emerging artists have participated in exhibitions in APART, with more than 500 works exhibited. See more information about all these artists visiting the site www.apartprivategallery.com

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