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Aline in the video on the SP-Arte, the largest in the southern hemisphere art fair. Photo: Disclosure.

Artist creates fun on channel art to lay

The artist and art historian Aline Pascholati decided to create the channel Insider Art by Aline Pascholati - The art world for an insider, on YouTube, in order to talk about art in a light and fun way, just like friends talking in a bar table. The idea came thanks to frequent questions from friends about various topics: a curious work, a historical period, or even that Mona Lisa, considered by some as dull, is so famous - question, including, It is the subject of one of Channel Videos.

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"In Brazil art is treated elitist way, critics love "writing difficult", and almost always the subject is approached very seriously and sluggish, and so, art, What is fascinating, and can, activate, be light and fun, It looks like an extremely boring subject in the eyes of the laity, "Old people thing" to young people. Viewers often are lost in the face of modern and contemporary works, especially the abstract and conceptual, plus the latest techniques, performances such as, installations and video art. The idea is to clarify all, so it can generate more interest in the cultural life of the country and encourage visits to exhibition spaces. "

Aline Pascholati. Foto: Divulgação.

Aline Pascholati. Photo: Disclosure.

Videos are currently weekly, posted all on Thursdays, alternating varied explanations of concepts and artistic movements to the frames 'Works misunderstood', 'Lists' and 'Reading Tip'.

Degree in art history from the University of Paris, a Sorbonne, Aline seeks to bring art and culture closer to the Brazilian public, especially, the laity, not only in their artistic creations - his last solo exhibition, including, brought an interactive installation -, but also through their website Artrianon, in which various culture lovers and experts write with basement, but, brief and simple way, on visual arts, literature, music, architecture, design, anyway, Culture.

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Canal Art Insider: www.youtube.com/c/ArtInsiderAlinePascholati
Website: alinepascholati.com
Facebook: @alinepascholatisart
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