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Are Queiroz. Photo: Disclosure.

Mário de Andrade Library receives contemporary art Are Queiroz

The artist's works blend movement, strong illustrations and serenity

São Queiroz. Foto: Divulgação.

Are Queiroz. Photo: Disclosure.

Are Queiroz is, in the midst of so many familiar names, a face yet again – even when it comes to an artist with almost two decades of professional career and a lifetime dedicated to get striking images of paints, brushes and all manner of instruments.

Who does not know the work of professional can, from September 1st, delight with contemporary works full of movement, strong and vibrant illustrations and that, at the same time, flirt with the serenity.

Are will exhibit some of his works in the Biblioteca Mário de Andrade, in São Paulo, in conjunction with the artist Sylvia Soares.

"For me, paint a picture is a physical thing. You have to have strength to paint the way I paint, with large movements, ink at a time ", the firm.

Are born in Portugal and came to Brazil as a child, at the age of 7 years. The interest in art, This she grows forever, a way in which it is expressed freely.

Even very close to drawing and painting, It took until had a definitive space Are the art in your life. He entered the University in the course of economy, but not finalised – the course of fine arts at College Saint Marcelina, that was your head.

With the kids growing up, the art has been a long time relegated to another plan. It was only years later, creating for friends and doing lessons with other artists, She regained her intimacy with the painting.

Now, Are Queiroz has an exclusive space for the art within themselves – and also on the internet. She recently launched a site that bears his name (www.saoqueiroz.com.br).

In it, the artist offers to the public their work and talk about subjects you like and among whom she lives, with articles and news that bring themes on the universe of art in Brazil and in the world.


Exhibition "Syl. Syl Are."
Artists Are Queiroz and Sylvia Soares
Free Event.
Exhibition: From 02 September to 17 of december, from 8:30 to 11:30 pm.
Local: Mário de Andrade Library newsletters.
Address: Street Doctor Dick Garcia, 125 -Centro-São Paulo.
Phone: 11 3775-1402.

WebSite: www.saoqueiroz.com.br

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