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Cover and back cover

  • cover – everything that involves, covers, protect something, for the purpose of protecting

  • back cover – inner part of the cover of a work or publication; back cover or back cover

Annex CANVAS receives exposure, curated and concept of Of these over the - Cover and back cover who, despite the suggestion of uniqueness, is "2". The space opens two simultaneous exhibitions by the artists Fabio Menino and Viviane Teixeira that exalt pictorialism, each in its own way, using the oldest artistic representation technique in the world: the painting. The expository concept thought by Of these over the subverts paradigms since the content is always sought in the core and not in the covers and back covers.

“The two simultaneous solo exhibitions (…..) erupt into space as sound, with two dissonant sides, but complementary. The proposition is driven by the graphic inspiration of the act of creating an uncertain and possible tactile connection; like front and back of a musical album, in which paintings displayed on the walls are the sound recordings themselves ”explains the curator.

COVER, with the carioca artist Viviane Teixeira, allows a walk through its fictional pictorial universe, where a fanciful court has female figures as sovereigns. Historical references of the Brazilian Royal Family, Games, tales of the brothers Grimm, playing cards, board games, the game of chess, songs, musicians, books and artists like Philip Guston, Paula Rego, Louise Bourgeois, Also Fries, Laura Lima, Cristina Channel, etc.., permeate the questionings that generate the work. “These issues are linked to the blunt chromatic choices, to objects associated with drawing and hybrid and fluid forms that refer to scenes and archetypal characters from fairy tales and that engage in intense duels and dialogues ”, says Viviane Teixeira.

“The artist's production has been publicly monitored more closely since her participation in the CCSP Exhibition Program public notice in 2015, and since then he has marked in his painting works a vivid succession of alter egos and anachronistic avatars, being fixed to a bet-in-scene very singular of scenarios and costumes directed to the games, rituals, habits and customs of yore ”, says Of these over the.

In BACK COVER, the São Paulo artist Fabio Menino presents figurative canvases with a strong realistic appeal where the defined colors and shapes of everyday objects, or not, but known and almost common, produced on an industrial scale, but now seen for their functions, pictorial meanings and powers. Choices are not random. The objects represented by Fabio Menino have a point of convergence. As the artist explains: “Are your functions: of protection, security or even as a tool; playing a role that a choir alone cannot fulfill ”.

"There is a mention of '99.00' among the artist's set of canvases -‐ if this figure is about the price of meat, the value of artistic materials or any visual misunderstanding, it doesn't really matter. With the exposed selection of paintings, the question that remains about the identity bond with the physical world of Fabio Menino's images translates to being pure fiction, or not", elucidates Of these over the.

Exhibition: “Cover and back cover
Artists: Fabio Menino and Viviane Teixeira
Curator: Of these over the
Period: from 29 of May to 28 th July 2021
Local: Annex CANVAS
S. St. Benedict, 181 – 1º. Walk – Center, São Paulo
wtsp (11) 99403-0023
WebSite: www.lonagaleria.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lonagaleria
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lonagaleria

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