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“TEA OF SIX” at the Teatro Bibi Ferreira


Show celebrates over 35 years in poster, with more than 1 million viewers.

In 1983 Thus a great success of Ronaldo Ciambroni, "DAUGHTERS OF MOTHER", with his debut in the city of Bauru, São Paulo in a soccer field, celebrating more 35 years in poster. Were several actors, actresses, technicians, housekeeping staff, Theatres, Clubs, alternative spaces, cities and States. "The Daughters of the Mother" toured Brazil spreading joy over 2 million and spectators.

"The daughters of Mother", tells the story of a middle-aged mom, Diva Maria, whose long and unsuccessful media artistic trajectory makes investing in the career of two daughters, Deise Maria and Suzette. As both are totally devoid of talent, the many attempts to "squeeze" them in any artistic production successively fail, creating hilarious situations and taking the two girls to the desperate attitude of running away from home to obtain freedom. From then, the search for their daughters take care of the life of Diva Maria, that ends up getting involved in unusual and surprising situations throughout the show.

Production: Tchesco Productions
Text: Ronaldo Ciambroni
Direction: Luigi Francesco
choreographies: Roberto Azevedo
List: Fausto Crispim, Prissioni Spinelli, Thauana Renardi, Izildo Galindo and Luiggi Francesco
Rating: 10 years
Duration: 1h20min

Special presentation:
Thursday, 28 January, at 18h.

Bibi Ferreira Theater
Av. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, 931- Bela View, São Paulo/SP
(11) 3105-3129
Value: single from R $ 30.00

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