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Bijari Collective, Granada. Photo: Rubens Jr. Chua.

Bijari collective opens exhibition in new gallery of Pines

“Bijari file 1997-2017” opens Saturday, 2 of december, at noon, Anti-Pop Gallery and celebrates the 20 years of the Bijari collective.

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There are more than 40 works between lambe-lambe, large scale projections, videomapping, urban interventions, In addition to the projects for architectures and projects developed over the past few years with other artistic collectives and urban communities. They are urban interventions that impact the audience creating an immediate connection. The curator is the artists themselves. Goes to 3 February.

Cartaz Arquivo Bijari 1997-2017. Divulgação.

Poster Archive Bijari 1997-2017. Disclosure.

Among the highlights of the retrospective is "Chicken", from 2002, video of a chicken is loose in places with distinct socio-cultural profiles, as the Largo da Batata in São Paulo and the boardwalk in front of the Shopping Center Iguatemi. The reactions of the people and the chicken are registered by the Group. This project was reissued in Cuba for the 8th Havana Biennale, in 2003.

The audience will be enchanted with the Squares (IM)possible. Are adapted bikes that turn into hinging squares.

Those who like interactivity can attend the first dance video 360 degrees created in Brazil. There are more than 70 dancers and the audience chooses the best angle to view the performance.

Exhibition "File Bijari 1997- 2017"-Anti-Pop Gallery
Local: Anti-Pop Gallery-Rua Padre João Gonçalves, 81, Pines- (11) 3815-7729.
Opening: 2 of december, Saturday, noon.
Exhibition period: from 2 from December to 3 February 2018.
Time: from Monday to Friday, from 11 to 18 hours, and Saturdays from 12 to 19 hours (It is necessary to play the intercom for customer service).
Between the days 23 of December and 2 January 2018 the gallery will be closed for visitation.
Free entrance.

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