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How to make an indie-themed bedroom?. Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko no Pexels.
How to make an indie-themed bedroom?. Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko no Pexels.

How to make an indie-themed bedroom?

Ceach generation tends to boast of its own style, addressing aesthetic and artistic issues that can identify this social group as something with a unique identity. Currently, it is possible to highlight the indie theme as one of the most present.

But before getting to the indies, there were many artistic currents, like the hippie community, the rebellion of the punk movement, the melancholy of the call emocore in the early 200, among other modalities that stood out.

And along with all these strands, there is also a cultural feedback movement. A difficult word to say that culture is something that works with references, within its most diverse formats, like in music, in cinema and in the arts in general.

Inspirations that can make your home decor in the 21st century, can be based on style of the years 70, where even the movement of cutting and pruning trees can be done in a different format, in a new style.

In this case, there is a large aspiration movement, in which a society, within his time, he usually reflects on the artistic experiments of the past, not just revisiting these styles, as well as operating certain modifications.

as can be seen, for example, in fashion itself. Where different pieces of clothing manage to regain a certain prominence from time to time, what makes that comfortable clothing and your wardrobe can be successful again.

What may no longer exist is the ideal body that fits this piece of clothing in question, but nothing that a visit to a seamstress cannot solve, enjoying this piece again.

Just like a painting services company may be responsible for renewing an establishment, with a painting service being all that is needed to bring a new style to an enterprise that seeks renovation with its public.

And in this journey of artistic recovery, a cultural movement was created that has been gaining special attention in recent years, which is the indie theme, that can be present from the decoration of a new store on the market, like in your children's room.

When it comes to indie decor?

To better understand the artistic choices behind indie decor, It is important to understand in depth about this cultural movement itself., that appeared in the last century, but it started to have a differentiated prominence at the end of the years 2000.

The term "indie" comes from English, as a reference to the independent genre, that is, a cultural movement that is concentrated far from the large industrial poles, as in popular music that plays in the streets, sung by world-renowned artists.

A genre that can be found in cinema, in music, or in any artistic representation that escapes from the field known as the mainstream, that is, a main flow stream, as an artistic movement linked to what is hot on the market.

But in fact cultural trends change over time., making even a business be seen as traditional, as a iron locksmith having to manufacture gates and grilles that follow the tastes and styles of one generation to another.

Therefore, to confirm that the indie theme is not exactly new in the market, it is possible to cite the musical movement of indie rock, that began in the years 70-80, but it remains present to this day, through a style of music that departs from the conventional.

Being a cultural theme that persists through creativity, customization and mixing of elements, making this style conquer a presence also in the decoration of several residences, having a bigger prominence in the rooms.

Because it is a personal room, in which this resident's preferences can even be seen on the walls, making the bedroom an extension of the individual's personality, many times before he even had an identity to call his.

It is possible to identify that a room belongs to a baby or a child because of the colors used or the decoration pieces placed in such rooms.

As well as the presence of a aluminum guardrail near there, installed to prevent possible accidents from paving, like a fall on a high floor room.

But the truth is that children grow up, starting to look for a style of its own, that reinforces your unique identity, thus making young people approach indie culture, for being a movement based on creativity and customization.

It does not mean, however, that there is any age limit to bet on an indie decoration for your home, your bedroom or even your office. Being a theme focused on the personalization of the place, according to individual tastes.

And if your goal is to bring an indie decor to your room, know that there are several ways to do this, highlighting specific points that most appeal to each person's particular interests.

Bringing indie style to your bedroom

The indie style, as well as its related art movement doesn't exactly have a unique theme., being an artistic variation that stands out precisely because of its plurality, bringing together diverse cultural currents in a single style.

In this way, when thinking about decorating a room, the most diverse possible combinations can be, a decorator being able to use the services of a marble shop SP, but also a bazaar of antique art pieces.

With both materials and ornaments they can complement each other with the bedroom decor.. And to highlight these possibilities, it is important to be aware of a number of decorative options.

music worship

One of the strongest aspects of the indie movement is the musical issue, with different artists having a big impact on that style.

And it's this admiration for musical representations, that makes the individual want to see music present in their life, literally if possible, com a disposição de discos em suas paredes, as well as posters of your favorite bands.

Photo Highlight

Photographic records can also bring a unique style to your room., according to the placement of these photos on your walls, além da própria definição das imagens que irão se tornar o plano de fundo do seu quarto.

Being possible to make a contrast between the tones chosen for these photos along with the material chosen for the floor, for example. Through the search for burnt cement value, and how this hue can highlight or complement the chosen photographs.

Do it yourself

With the indie decoration being linked to the customization of a space, with your resident's interests, the highlight that DIY tools can have in the decoration of this property is understandable..

With the Do It Yourself (do it yourself) it is possible to make a series of devices to be placed in your indies themed bedroom, through parts like:

  • Carpets;
  • Curtains;
  • decoration items;
  • custom frames.

Items that can bring their own identity, by being produced by yourself, putting your identity in these decorative pieces.

work with lights

Choosing the perfect lighting can be responsible for highlighting the style adopted in your room, as in the option for a stronger or more intimate tone, giving a more personal tone to an environment, contrasting with the bright living room.

neon lights, for example, can highlight your style. But when it comes to lighting, it is important to be careful with the electrical structure of the space., with the use of a removable plaster lining being suitable to avoid accidents connected to this wiring.

Make your books stand out

Within the artistic currents that belong to the indie movement, it is also important to highlight the presence of literature, thus making these books can also be used as a decorative element.

With the arrangement of these works between the shelves and shelves of your room, creating a look that simulates decorating a library.

mix the styles

As the indie theme is closely linked to the individual's customization of the artistic elements he consumes, it becomes indicated then the mixture of these cultural assets. Allowing a modern decor to be completed with a classic floor.

Just like a works of mezzanine searchable, mesmo que se trate de um quarto cuja decoração esteja mais puxada para o movimento naturalista, with the presence of wooden furniture, for example.

The most important thing is that this decoration is aligned with the interests of the person who will be living in this room., highlighting one of the main points of the indie movement, which is an exaltation of the individual's creativity.

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