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How to assemble a decoration for corporate event?

Pteach in event decoration can be more complicated than you think, especially when we talk about corporate events. Companies usually organize these events for several reasons, as the end of the year, organization anniversary, lectures etc.

Regardless of the purpose, it is necessary that the decoration is impeccable, because it is common for these events to be attended by many important people, as clients.

When the event is well decorated, the company has more prestige and shows that it was careful to think about the comfort and well-being of the guests.

However, poorly planned decor can have the opposite effect, discrediting the institution's image and harming it, even, with your collaborators.

Therefore, we can say that thinking about how to decorate a corporate event is a big responsibility. The foreman must take many factors into account before making a decision.

Bearing in mind the type of event and other information, it is possible to think of appropriate options that make the event something remarkable and positive for everyone present.

Therefore, in this article, let's talk about how to plan the decoration of a business event and give some decorative tips.

The complexity of elegant decor

Choosing the decoration for a company's event can be more complex than you think. It is important to have a series of cares so that those present enjoy the moment and have a good experience. This is how they will have fond memories.

Therefore, when arriving at the place, the first contact of the guest is with the acrylic decoration or another option that has been chosen. It is she who will pass the message of the event, therefore, every detail must be thought to achieve the objective.

To achieve this, there are tips that can be followed when planning the event, because planning is essential for everything to work out.

Planning Tips

Even though some points may seem irrelevant, it is important to know that they directly influence the success of the event.

Not to make mistakes and make an unforgettable event, some tips are:

Understand the type and purpose of the event

Is important, first, know what the event proposes and what the company wants to achieve, then think about charles eames armchair natural leather and other furniture.

A holiday party, for example, aims to integrate employees. Therefore, the decor needs to be light and relaxed, especially if performed during the day.

A new product launch party, on the other hand, asks for a more elegant decoration that will positively impact guests.

There is no single rule for all types of events, even so, it is important that the organizer has good knowledge, so you can understand the needs of the organization.

In this way, creates an environment that conveys the company's visual identity and achieves the expected objectives.

Analyze the guest profile

It is important to know the type of audience that will be at the event. If it is aimed only at executives, the organization of the tables can be by sectors and places can be counted.

Now, if the event is attended by other employees and even their family members, the tables need to be bigger, one custom photo panel it's interesting to show some remarkable moments and people can choose where they want to sit.

Knowing the public is essential for the event to meet your needs, which will increase the level of satisfaction of those present.

Consider the location of the event

Decorating a corporate event is a demanding task, that goes beyond joining elements that make the environment pleasant. It is necessary to take into account the type of event and the audience, to choose well where it will be held.

In the case of an open space, Besides doing cleaning services quote, it is necessary to avoid light objects that can be blown away by the wind. Some examples of good items for this type of party are:

  • Heavier carpets;
  • Covered area;
  • Check power points;
  • Access routes for guests.

Thinking about these aspects prevents the progress of the event from being hindered.

Make one checklist

Because planning is crucial to the success of the event, it is important to make a checklist everything that needs to be provided.

A tip for doing this is to use a schedule containing priority dates. Some items that must be included are:

  • Towels;
  • Cutlery;
  • Bladders;
  • Glasses;
  • Table plates;
  • Menu;
  • Furniture.

If the budget is tight, the list of materials to be provided should be even more thorough.

Decoration trends

After planning, it's time to start putting it into practice. Therefore, It is important to be aware of some decoration trends. Among the tips we have:

1 – Use different lighting

Lighting is responsible for the climate of the environment and can highlight strategic points. Therefore, needs to be used intelligently, like through luminous panels with leds.

To convey feelings to those present, it is recommended to have qualified professionals who understand the subject well.

A good tip is to do the lighting indirectly, with diffuse effects that make the environment more comfortable.

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If the event is more festive, LED lighting is more suitable, and can be placed on pillars, ceiling corners etc.

2 – Comfortable and functional decoration

The beauty of the environment must be combined with functional options, that guarantee the good experience of the guests, like no case of buffet for debutantes.

If the event is a lecture, for example, it is necessary to invest in comfortable furniture such as well-structured armchairs and chairs, with cushioned seat.

Some items can be distributed in this type of event, like pens and notepads. This allows people to write down important information during the event, besides fixing the brand.

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Personalized water bottles are also a good idea and can carry any message that the event wants to convey.

3 – Flower Arrangements

Ornamentation brings more personality to the event, this means that all decorative elements must follow the planning to the letter, according to the proposal and the profile of those present.

If the event is to launch a new product, you can count on a more elegant decoration, such as flower arrangements, because they make the environment more beautiful.

4 – Comfortable seats and armchairs

Even if the event is a year-end get-together, it is important to count on armchairs and comfortable seats.

A dinner, for example, will have a much more inviting atmosphere and participants will be able to eat their meals in comfort.

To make the right choice, a good tip is to have companies that do chair rental for events, because they will know how to indicate the best option for each event.

5 – Table decorations

Regardless of the type of event, most of them have central tables with buffet food or coffee break, with easy-to-eat foods, such as cup for spoon candy.

In addition to these, there may be smaller tables for the guests, and their decoration makes all the difference.

Table towels can also be customized. Besides, it is important to have flowers, vases and candles.

If the choice is a more rustic decoration, the use of towels can be waived, replacing with an American game.

Putting personalized identification with the name of the guests is also a good option, in addition to graphic materials with the company's identity.

6 – Table layout

In addition to decorating them correctly, it is necessary to know how to properly organize the tables in the hall. For this, you need to analyze where the speakers are, stage, big screen, if there is any column that obstructs the vision, among other considerations.

To make a good layout of the tables, one option is to make a map that comfortably accommodates all guests, besides allowing good circulation.

It is important to combine comfort and practicality, as well, be attentive to the model of the furniture that will be used. That's because if the table feet are too big, for example, can compromise the comfort of the guests.

It’s also interesting to use taller tables, where guests can stand and chat.


The decoration of a corporate event requires a lot of care, as we could see. Even so, following these tips, it is possible to have a successful event that brings many benefits to the company.

Regardless of the type or objective, it is necessary to always appreciate comfort and choose everything that benefits the event and the organization.

All guests will feel welcomed and satisfied, mainly, with the feeling that they participated in an event organized with credibility.

Whether or not to hire a professional organizer, following these steps any company size can have an excellent corporate event.

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