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How to use crafts to decorate your entire home

Asar o crafts for decoration of the house has become a very common practice, mainly for people who want to add a touch of personality to the place and, at the same time, invest in sustainable and creative elements.

This is because handicrafts in general use natural raw material or recyclable materials., such as sisal rope, string, dry leaves, pet bottles, tissues, paint and wood. In this way, it is possible to transform what was once garbage, into an amazing decorative object.

In today's article, learn how to use crafts to decorate your entire home and have a personalized environment, modern and cozy. Follow the reading!

what is handicraft?

Craftsmanship consists of a product made by an artisan, that performs all production steps: from the design to the final finishing of the piece.

Normally, the article is produced using simple tools and diverse materials, on a small scale, and often, a unique item.

Unlike objects produced in industries, handcrafted pieces have a strong identity, since the artisan prints his personality and creativity in the making of the product.

In this sense, you can have a glass lamp, for example, made entirely with recycled materials, to the artist's taste.

Crafts can also include various other materials., such as:

  • Patchwork;
  • Biscuit;
  • Weaving;
  • Wood pieces;
  • Recyclable material;
  • Among others.

From the earliest years of mankind, crafts are used as a way of recording the culture and history of a place. Therefore, even with the growth of the industry, craft objects still prevail as an artistic representation.

What are the advantages of using crafts in decoration??

Handcrafted pieces bring personality to home decor. They can be used in conjunction with other articles, including high-end furniture and designer products, to expose a lifestyle to residential environments.

In addition, the craft, together with a prefabricated structure, creates a contrast between the elements, simulating interesting effects in decoration, that stimulate the senses.

For this reason, more and more people seek to include handcrafted pieces in their decoration projects.

To follow, check out other advantages of using crafts to decorate the whole house.

It's a sustainable attitude

The appreciation of crafts and local artists is a sustainable attitude, as it encourages the use of natural materials, like fibers and clay, as well as recyclables, possible to invest in processes of recycling electronic waste and solid waste.

With this, it is possible to increase the income chances of several people, as recycling projects promote social inclusion and alleviation of unemployment.

In addition, handicraft is a product linked to popular culture, that is, the purchase of these parts turns the economy of specific cities. Because of that, artisanal products are associated with sustainable social activity, economic and environmental.

Bring authenticity to the environment

By carrying handcrafted items in home decor, it is possible to give an air of authenticity to the environment, since the decorative pieces are unique, escaping from the aesthetic standards normally established by companies and large industries.

For example, the use of rustic fabrics for decoration on the walls is a different form of wallpaper, that conveys a feeling of warmth, in addition to making the environment much more intimate.

For this reason, crafts are preferred by people who want a personalized home, free from previously established aesthetic standards.

6 tips for using crafts in home decor

to start the decoration with crafts, you don't need to invest a lot. Even because, many local productions have an affordable price on their pieces, it is possible to purchase items made manually with a great cost-benefit.

In addition, the pieces can be produced by the residents themselves, not DIY style (do it yourself, or in translation, "do it yourself").

Below, We separate some tips on how to use crafts in your home decor.

1 – Kitchen utensils

Handcrafted items can be used in the kitchen, not only as decorative items, but also as functional tools. For example, canning jars can be painted in bright, contrasting colors, to be used as food storage jars.

In addition, it is possible to recycle various objects that would previously be thrown in the trash, and reuse them to solve various problems of space and organization of the environment.

the wine corks, for example, can be reused to make a rustic and charming cutlery holder. The possibilities are diverse and, with a little creativity, there are differentiated and personalized elements.

2 – Mandalas

Mandalas are well-known decorative items, commonly used to decorate rooms, rooms and the entrance of the houses.

They can be fixed in an upright position., as a “dream catcher” – there are those who believe in the mystical properties of these objects.

Mandalas can be made with fabrics., strings, but also with rest of building materials, as a bathroom insert, shards of glass and mirror, among others.

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3 – paintings and pictures

The paintings and pictures, just like the mandalas, can be used in any room in the house, as part of the decoration.

These items can be made by the villagers themselves., with the help of a little paint or some accessories.

In the case of smaller frames, it is possible to combine them to form a larger figure – a different and creative type of decoration.

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For those who have children at home, paintings can be an excellent exercise in creativity and imagination, apart from that the art of the little ones is also used to decorate.

4 – non-slip mats

Bathrooms need moisture-resistant fixtures and, mainly that offer safety against slips and falls.

A good way to give personality and protection to the environment is to use a drunk plate eva for making rugs.

There are other materials that can be used to make rugs., like fabrics, which also help dry feet after bathing.

5 – glass shelves

Glass is a material that gives sophistication and refinement to environments.. For this reason, is an element used in countless interior design projects, especially for those who want a modern decoration.

The great advantage is that the material can be used to produce other types of objects., like shelves. In this way, it is possible to have a functional decoration item, which also serves to house other items, like books and magazines.

It is recommended to use tempered laminated glass, since the material is much more resistant and durable. Thereby, it is possible to avoid accidents involving glass shattering.

6 – embroidered face towels

Embroidery is a very common type of craft that brings back good memories.. The nostalgic air of manual work can be used on many items, especially on face towels, being a way to decorate the environment and still have a beautiful and functional piece.

It is worth saying that embroidery is an activity that stimulates creativity and keeps the brain active., therefore, It is strongly recommended for seniors, but also anyone who wants to develop new skills.

Learn how to make your own handmade pieces

Crafts can also be an excellent therapeutic hobby., being a way to make the most of free time and still have a unique product, for decorative purposes.

For those who are making crafts and want to save on materials, the tip is to use recyclable materials and objects that would probably be thrown away, like bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, among others.

This trend has won the hearts of artisans, since it is possible to save with the purchase of materials, as well as contributing to the reduction of waste.

Another tip is to visit craft fairs in your city, or artistic and cultural events, as a way to get inspiration and new creative ideas for your pieces.

For those who don't have much experience., but want to start the manual work, it is interesting to look for some online courses that teach you how to produce handcrafted items, or start with simple things, as application of fabrics in cans, glass painting, beaks of crochet in dish towels and other activities.


It is not today that crafts are used as a trend in home decor, being a way of expressing sensations and imprinting a unique personality on environments, in addition to valuing the local culture.

With a few simple articles, like coasters, kitchen utensils, towel shelves and ornaments, dish towels and rugs, it is possible to have authentic objects that help to decorate the space in a creative way.

It is worth noting that crafts can be used for various styles., even for those who want a more modern and sophisticated design.

Thus, with a unique and differentiated beauty, craftsmanship becomes an art much sought after by those who want a personalized decoration and, yet, contribute to sustainable development.

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