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Check the online schedule of the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin

Artistic interventions by Alex Flemming and João Loureiro, educational activities and
musical actions move the Foundation's social networks

During quarantine, Casa-Museu Ema Klabin is taking a program full of attractions on its social networks through the program #CasaMuseuEmCasa

On the museum's social networks, you can review exhibitions, learn more about art with interactive activities like Mythologies in the Collection and Work in Your Home, watch high-level shows and get to know more about this incredible museum, former residence of collector and patron Ema Klabin (25/01/1907 – 27/01 /1994), which has a collection that covers more than three thousand years of art history.

Artistic interventions:

Between the June schedule, artistic intervention stands out Anaconda (2017) of the artist from São Paulo, living in Berlin, Alex Flemming. Her, Flemming displays paintings of snakes and snakes, superimposed on thirteen Persian rugs arranged on the floor of the different rooms of the House-Museum. “The idea was that the public could walk on these works of art”, explains the artist on video that can be seen on the museum's instagram @emaklabin.

Another artistic intervention that is highlighted this month is the Ant Service (2013) artist João Loureiro, curated by Gilberto Mariotti. The work consisted of a train that circulated through the Foundation, inside and outside the house, carrying a complete set of dishes with drawings of ants carrying objects. In the drawings there are several references to the collections of the house – such as chinaware from the Companhia das Índias, to the parties that took place there, the work situation and the ant universe itself. Check out the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v = EeRFzSW7vcM

Music to brighten the quarantine:

Casa-Museu Ema Klabin will continue to take you to your home, through social networks, musical content by the Tardes Musicais em Casa program.

“Every Tuesday in the month of June, we’ll upload a video on the museum’s social media with an unprecedented song from the Mental Abstract show held at the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin in 2019, always bringing curiosities about the same. And on Thursdays, continuing the partnership with the Violão e Ponto project, we will see unprecedented performances recorded by guitarists straight from their homes ”, explains music producer Thiago Guarnieri.

In addition, it is possible to review complete shows that are available on the Casa-Museu YouTube channel, such as: Mundana Refugi Orchestra, Harmoniemusik set, Buggy Voices, Geovana, among others.

Abstract Mental:

On Tuesdays, days 9, 16, 23 and 30 June 2020, às 17h, the Foundation will present new songs from the show Abstract Mental held in September 2019 on the premises of the House-Museum. Inserted in the institutional theme of 2019 – Paulistan Identities – the group presented their second album, “You Will Stop”, gravado no Red Bull Music Studios SP, plus some songs from the first album “Pure Essence”. Are 15 years of trajectory in addition to records released in Japan, USA and some European countries.

Partnership with the Solo Guitar Club - Guitar and Ponto:

On Thursdays, days 11, 18 and 25 June and 2 th July 2020, to 17 hours, the Ema Klabin House Museum, in partnership with Clube do Violão Solo – Guitar and Ponto, will present a new cycle of unpublished interpretations recorded by guitarists, especially for this action. The content can be viewed through the Foundation's social networks. The confirmed guitarists are: Vinícius Motta, Thaís Nascimento, Leandro Sofia and Flavio Rodrigues.

World refugee day – Come and remember the show with the Refugi Mundana Orchestra

World Refugee Day is recognized in 20 June as an opportunity to recognize the strength of many people who left their homes and countries for wars, persecutions and violations of human rights. In recognition of the date, the Ema Klabin Foundation recalls the presentation by the Refugi Mundana Orchestra, idealized by Carlinhos Antunes, brings together musicians from diverse ethnicities and cultures.

They are available at www.emaklabin.org.br and on the museum's social networks a series of other online actions to bring information, Culture, reflection and fun to the public. Follow!

Live brings together artists on behalf of the Refugee Musicians Orchestra:

The Ema Klabin Foundation supports the initiative of musicians Carlinhos Antunes and Gabriel Levy who will do a series of activities to raise funds for the maintenance of the Refugi Mundana Orchestra during the quarantine. The first action will take place Friday, 5 June at 9 pm, on the Studio channel 185, na plataforma YouTube. Live will feature interpretations of songs that the duo has performed for over thirty years, plus Badi Assad cameo, Fabiana Cozza and Letícia Sabatella. Canal do Youtube: Carlinhos Antunes & Gabriel Levy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rz-Q7yQwQw&feature=youtu.be

Service: #CasaMuseuEmCasa
Intervention Anaconda (2017) – Alex Flemming e Intervention Ant Service (2013) by artist João Loureiro - available on the museum's website
Tuesdays, days 09, 16, 23 and 30 June 2020, 17h
Presentation of new songs from the group's show Abstract Mental
Unpublished guitar performances - Partnership Guitar and Ponto
Vinícius Motta presents Xodó da Baiana (Dilermando Reis) and Chime Sounds (João Pernambuco). available on the museum website
11 June 2020 – 17h – Thaís Nascimento plays Gaúcho and Ó opens wings (Chiquinha Gonzaga).
25 June 2020 – 17h – Leandro Sofia
02 th July 2020 – 17h – Flavio Rodrigues
Ema Klabin Foundation
WebSite: emaklabin.org.br
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC9FBIZFjSOlRviuz_Dy1i2w
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fundacaoemaklabin
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