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Little kitchen: how to stay organized and style

With discipline and planning, the practicality of the limited space facilitates the family routine

Changes in eating habits, Real estate speculation and the expansion of housing in urban centers contributed to the new properties having “leaner” common areas. The kitchen is part of the rooms that have suffered the greatest reduction in m² in recent years.


Changing architecture implies adapting society and the market, Generally. But having limited space doesn't mean it won't be functional and beautiful.. The corner for preparing and consuming meals can – and should – be well managed. Check out some tips for making the most of small kitchens, in houses and apartments, be easier.

1 – keep the essentials

To begin, It is worth remembering that the accumulation of kitchen utensils kitchen, appliances, refractories and vessels causes discomfort, and, in most situations, are not used and just take up space. The detachment exercise removes all items that do not make sense for the dynamics of the home and, at the same time, helps to value the useful devices.


2 – Combine white with solid colors

Anyone who researches colors and their functions in environments certainly associates the enlargement of the place with solid white walls and ceilings.. However, to make the kitchen look bigger than it is, no need to give up good taste. Solid colors like navy blue, olive green and black lend a sophisticated tone, without impairing spatial awareness, especially when applied to furniture.

3 – Bet on verticalization

Which custom cabinets are best friends for small kitchens, it's no surprise. But the verticalization, Generally, it is also associated with the optimization of space and the ease of accessing materials on a daily basis. In market, you can find tool holders, modern hooks and brackets, that become true complements of the decoration. The most available models are in the industrial style, contemporary, rustic, retro and classic.


4 – Have new appliances

Just as real estate has taken on new dimensions, home appliances gained new functions, sizes, colors and styles. Replacing old versions with current ones makes the kitchen more innovative and functional.. Swap the traditional stove for the cooktop it is one of the cases in which quality is gained, practicality and elegance, without loss of functionality.

5 – Ensure quality lighting

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Natural light helps make the room feel larger.. For this reason, the ideal is to keep windows and curtains open during the day. If there is no sunlight in the kitchen, Is it worth investing in a system? lighting with LED bulbs. Thus, the room becomes more welcoming and accessible.

from these 5 Tips, it is possible to define a strategy to turn the small kitchen into an organized and stylish space to socialize with family and friends.

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