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Guará Public Library. Photo: Disclosure.
Guará Public Library. Photo: Disclosure.

Historical curiosities of Public Libraries in DF are recorded in videos

With sponsorship from DO – Support Fund DF Culture, Brasília was the anchor of chats with the participation of Brazilian illustrators for the project:

Meetings with Illustrators

Along 12 meetings, artists shared creative processes whose reach enhanced the reading habit and fostered the publishing market, objectives of the initiative.

Initially designed to take place in person in environments of study and expansion of thought, the Public Libraries of the Federal District, o Meetings with Illustrators needed to explore another format, the virtual, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Presential for the purpose of valuing these cultural spaces [the libraries] by bringing readers and fans of the art of illustrating publications to their accommodations. The challenge of fulfilling this purpose gave rise to the routing and editing of videos that presented them.

These video products, that bring historical curiosities and official data about these public facilities, are used as another motivation and invitation tool for those who still don't know them. They serve, including, how to strengthen the image of these spaces that are so important for educational and cultural development.

The Meetings with Illustrators honored the Ceilândia Public Library Carlos Drummond de Andrade, to Guará Public Library and the Brasília Public Library, where face-to-face meetings would take place. In addition, an exhibiting bookcase was donated to each of them. 20 picture books.

Discussions with illustrating artists are available at YouTube. Watching the chats is immersing yourself in comic book work, scientific illustration, graphic design, indigenous art, charge, cartoon, among other, made using woodcutting techniques, watercolor, pen-and-ink, pastel, collage, engraving, digital illustration and many more.

The initiative, which is supported by the FAC – Background to the culture of the Federal District, generated 49 direct and indirect jobs. The Encounters with Illustrators counted on the participation of Maurício Planel, Rubem Grilo, Clear life, Ciça Fittipaldi, Mariana Massarini, Caramurú Baumgartner, Roger Mello, Jô Oliveira, Fernando Lopes and Valdério Costa.

Institutional videos, that present public libraries, are:

Brasília Public Library – youtu.be/FYP7gWrR8jo

Ceilândia Public Library – Carlos Drummond de Andrade – youtu.be/pD5x2UyvXo0

Guará Public Library – youtu.be/Dcswqi9Kyg4

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