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Tips for decorating a baby room

Pother tasks are more expected by a couple who are preparing to receive a child as decorating a baby room. Between choosing colors, themes and furniture that will be most useful, there's a lot to do!

Nowadays, there are many options of different values ​​and qualities, for all budgets and wants.

Some things must be taken into account, as if there is a possibility to reuse the furniture for when the child grows or if there is an expectation of more than one child, which can mean investing in more durable parts.

Your child's room should reflect how you are as a family, what they consider beautiful and important for it to be the first room reference for him. His style, for example, can be more industrial, with floor colored burnt cement for flooring.

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In this case, do not stick to building a room all pink, with ruffles and delicate details that do not reflect the way you see the world. Know that the only rule that must be followed is, plus security, follow your heart.

The problem is that, for being an exciting and unique moment, it is sometimes difficult to maintain objectivity, and the expenses end up exceeding the limits that were expected. They are the important events of life, like weddings and births, that are generally exploited by commerce to make products and services more expensive.

However, with planning and organization, it is possible to have the dream room without the budget becoming a nightmare. Follow our tips and have peace of mind to focus on what matters: receive your child in the best possible way!

Planning the dream room

The best way to achieve your ideal when decorating your baby's room is to have clear references. Therefore, do a lot of research to understand which colors are the most beautiful, which theme makes your heart beat faster and where do you imagine lulling your child.

Having this clear notion will already guide your decorating choices and save you money. If it is the mother who is in charge of the organization, it is important to start work early, during pregnancy, so that there is more willingness to pack up and have everything ready when the time comes.

Consider what will be needed in terms of reform, such as changing wiring or installing stainless steel guardrail on the bedroom balcony, to ensure greater safety for your child.

Making the dream fit in your pocket

Remember that the difference between the expensive room and the most affordable one can be to have plenty of time for research, therefore, roll up your sleeves and compare prices whenever possible.

Also try to negotiate discounts and pick up second hand items, which are sometimes in great condition for very little use. In addition to economical, it is an ecological attitude to try to reuse items that have barely been used.

It is also important to see what can be adapted in your own home. A dark dresser can receive a clear patina that will make it perfect, just like the bedroom floor, instead of being exchanged, can be renewed with application of bona in tacos.

With many references and an average budget at hand, it's time to think about bigger items, like furniture, or more definitive, as need or not to carry out a reform.

What is certain is that future dads almost always like to change wall colors to accompany the rest of the layette and the chosen theme.. At this time, less is more! A wall in light tones with a decorated stripe is already unique and much more affordable..

Avoid using wallpaper, because soon you will need a different option when your baby grows a little and looks for a little more suitable decoration for a bigger child.

It can be interesting to use light and delicate tones with some element that causes surprise and gives emotion to the decoration, such as rustic curtain fabric or a bright colored armchair.

Another important tip is to choose washable paint at that time. Believe it, in a few months, you will reap the rewards of this wise choice when just a swipe of damp cloth has already removed ink marks, pens and little hands on the wall.

Choosing furniture

Before choosing furniture, measure the room to understand what will look good and what will be too much for the size of the room. It may be that a breastfeeding chair is enough, no table and puff needed to accompany you.

As difficult as it may be, try to imagine what your routine with the baby will be like, to understand what will be needed and what will only take up space, bringing more spending to your spreadsheet, like a wardrobe, at a stage where your child's clothes fit in drawers.

At first, a piece of furniture to store clothes will be useful, a changing table and a space for the baby to sleep. Among the desirable, could be a comfortable armchair, a bookcase or shelf for toys and ornaments, a table for a lamp and a comfortable rug.

Also count on relatives with young children for tips on what was actually used and what they think could have been avoided. You will be surprised to hear some parents say that an almost mandatory item, like the cradle, it was useless.

An article that is unanimous is the dresser, which also becomes a changer. It will be used until adulthood, depending on the format, and is unbeatable in terms of practicality. It is worth investing in a quality piece that is a highlight in the bedroom.

A dresser with small drawers on top, that you can store hygiene products, will be the key to a smoother care routine because, as beautiful as sets of dishes look in a changing table, believe me: are not practical when the baby starts to grab everything.

An interesting and often overlooked point is to test the safety of the furniture and to hire good installers for the assembly. It is common for a more skilled parent or uncle to want to save, but that expense will be an investment in baby safety.

Choose furniture that doesn't drag easily, that have no chance of falling over the baby or that contain sharp edges or details that cannot be covered. But be calm, you still have a few months to cover the corners of your stainless steel shelf.

Decorating for baby's arrival

Once the walls are painted, the furniture was chosen and assembled, it's time to really decorate and adorn the room to give your personality to the corner that will be your child's home.

Again, for decorative objects, less is more, because it is an environment that should be calm and clean, easy to maintain for a family that will be focused on the first care of a baby.

Elements of birth itself are exciting for decoration, as a frame with custom frame with birth data, foot print and first photos.

The ornament used on the maternity door also becomes a beautiful adornment for the baby's room. Besides, some tips for decorating in a practical and inexpensive way:

  • Invest in small themed paintings;
  • Search for two in one;
  • Consider blackout curtains;
  • Always seek practicality;
  • In doubt, opt for waterproof.

About the two in one, the rule applies to furniture, toys, clothes. If it can be used in more ways than one, should be your choice. Bench that turns into a chest, armchair that turns into bed and so on.

Be very careful when choosing pillows, blankets, blankets and all the trousseau to be placed in the crib, because many experts warn about the baby's safety and claim that in the sleeping space, there should only be a firm mattress and only.

Nothing prevents, but, that you arrange the crib as you think is most aesthetically pleasing and remove the decoration when your child rests. Just consider whether it will be an extra job, both to organize and to clean.

Consider what the bedroom floor looks like when it comes to installing a carpet or not. A cold, hard floor should be covered with a rug, because the little baby should soon go to the ground for his motor development

It may be interesting to install EVA boards or, yet, to tactile floor installation, that is better suited to the child's needs that your baby will soon be. Even if you don't do it at first, already know that it will be a demand next.

Final Considerations

The arrival of a child is the most transformative moment in a person's life. There is no experience that matches and, therefore, the more prepared you are, best.

Even so, there is a world of things that are only discovered with a baby in her arms.

Finally, we advise that, adapting the room for the baby's arrival, consider necessary adaptations and renovations in the house, how to already perform epoxy painting or any change that is more laborious.

It will be much more difficult, once having a little one to look after, nothing better than having a house ready to receive this new member already so expected and loved.

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new tasks are more expected by a couple preparing to receive a child when decorating a baby room. Between choosing colors, themes and furniture that will be most useful, there's a lot to do! Nowadays, there are many options of different values ​​and qualities, for all budgets and wants. Some things must be taken into account, as if there is a possibility to reuse the furniture for when the child grows or if there is an expectation of more than one child, which can mean investing in more durable parts. Your child's bedroom should reflect how…

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