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From Abstract to Concrete

Series of chats simplifies cultural production processes

Behind any project – planning, costs and execution – make up crucial stages for its realization. Present and discuss these topics, thoroughly and in an uncomplicated way, is what the series of conversations proposes.

Born amid quarantine and idealized by cultural producer Tatiana Carvalhedo, “From the Abstract to the Concrete” invites experienced professionals with different profiles to talk information about the functions they perform.

With extensive programming, 17 total chats, Tatiana, on your producer profile on Instagram @carvalhedoproducoes, and side by side with his / her guests / unravel them since creation, going through capture, from pre to post production, coming to communication.

The stripped format and without using exaggerated technicalities, but, with depth, attracts from the general public, who is curious to know more about what they consume, as who works in the sector, being beginner or experienced.

Have participated in lives important names like the theater researcher, director and playwright Francis Wilker, producers Guylherme Almeida and Elenor Júnior, Jonathan Andrade and Ana Flávia Garcia, who dominate the arts of acting and writing for theater, designer Gabriel Guirá, the actress the singer Fernanda Jacob, among others and others.

The next three conversations will address communication and have guests invited: Rodrigo Machado, communication advisor for projects in several areas for 20 years; Maíra Brito, journalist and doctoral student in Human Rights and Citizenship by UNB; and Thiago Sabino, master in Communication from UNB and university professor.

Meetings always take place on Wednesdays, from the 8:30 pm, with duration of 1 hour. All lives are published and available, for free, no IGTV by Carvalhedo Produções. It's worth marathon!

About who comes around:

Rodrigo Machado, day 11 November, at 8:30 pm:

Rodrigo Machado has been in the communication market since 2001. Has taken care of more than 550 projects between soils, festivals, parties and programs in all areas of culture, with press relations services, social media, clipping and media valuation. In 2018, won the Music Professionals Award, in the Best Communication Agency Category.

Maíra Brito, day 18 November, at 8:30 pm:

Maíra Brito is a journalist, master and doctoral student in Human Rights and Citizenship from the University of Brasília-UNB. Author of the book “Não. He's not ”.

Thiago Sabino, day 25 November, at 8:30 pm:

Thiago Sabino holds a Master's degree in Communication from the University of Brasília – UNB, university professor and leads the Carbon Studio, where he works with theater photography and video, music, dança e artes visuais. Coordenou laboratório de fotografia e equipes de cobertura jornalística, além de possuir experiência em gestão educacional. Has worked, at the EFE news agency – a quarta maior agência do mundo. Já publicou artigos em âmbitos nacional e internacional.

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