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Businesswoman supports culture through plastic artist masks

Currently, the mandatory use of protective masks represents not only personal care, but also a need to contribute to the safety of everyone..

To reinforce the importance of this habit, ViaQuatro, concessionaire responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Metro Line 4‑Yellow, took to its stations the exhibition “MáscarART”, curated by journalist and cultural producer Maurício Coutinho and cultural support from A Rainha (@queen_official).

In shows – among the 19 plastic artists of various aspects, who had their works reproduced in masks by the company A Rainha, are Cristiane Carbone, Nilda Luz, Meire Lopes, Model, Suely Shiba, Camila Gondo, Marjô Mizumoto, Michele Micha, Marlene Querubin, Fernando Barbosa, Bill Soares, Giuseppe Ranzini, Eliane Scherb, Sergio Mancini, Ana Bittar, Helena Cukier, Alex King, Francine Frosa e Malka Borenstein.

The Queen and her growing presence in the mask market

Active in the events market for more than 20 years, the company from São Paulo is led by Rosely Ferrante, known for making abadás for Carnival blocks in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, who went, in this pandemic to another segment and produced more than 10 Millions of Covid-19 Protective Masks for Hospitals and Businesses.

“We have mask boxes with 10 units, the businesswoman Ferrante advances to us, in a pocket version that can be carried in your purse, all with Anvisa certificate and proven testing. I remember that our disposable or surgical masks, have excellent particle filtration, made from two layers of protection, allowed for use by WHO and also by Anvisa. We also launched the Premium Mask that has BFE: 97,3%, layer on white cast filter paper with filtration efficiency, being a physical barrier against fluids, particles, bacteria, virus, pollen, smog and dirt, protects with quality, comfort and promotes greater safety for everyday life”, concludes.

The industrial park of A Rainha has 15 thousand m2, with 200 state-of-the-art automated employees and equipment. And also works in the material sector for political campaigns, offering a vast menu among flags, banners, flags, stickers and various graphic products, can be accessed on Instagram: @queen_official and whatsApp: 11.9.8987.6564

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