Philosopher points out that fear of change is one of the main obstacles to create new opportunities


Dissatisfaction is one of the most common feelings of this era. Job, relationships and lifestyle are examples of areas where the feeling settles and in many cases, little is done to reverse the situation.

The writer and philosopher Abreu Fabiano points out that the cultivation of this sense, even though there are ways to reverse it, is due to the comfort zone, which despite its name, You may have nothing comfortable. There he said a predisposition to condition the problems that could easily be resolved if the individual took the reins of their lives and assume the risks of venturing into new spaces.

The big problem is that choose to abstain change and surrender to the place of comfort decreases the chances of new opportunities appear, because good things happen only when there is room for them. "We have only one life and if not devote every minute of time we have to live it the best way possible, more forward will miss the live or not to live protelamos. Some people do not live, survives ", analyzes.


Complain about life, cultivate bad mood and have no motivation are very common symptoms in people who follow this way of thinking and according to the writer, these are bound to survive the boredom that imposed his own life. "They avoid the necessary changes take advantage of the existence with the fullness. It looks as if indulged in sadness and complaint and can not get rid of those negative attitudes ".

Despite the initial reluctance, reverse the situation is as simple as possible and adopt strategies that help set your mind to think more ambitiously can help. "Face stages of life as book chapters, that the turning of a page will close, but open up new paths and possibilities. Be aware that our journey is finite brings greater responsibility, therefore, live more balanced and healthy way, it is necessary ", ensures.

The changes do not necessarily need to be large so that they can be significant. Change little things Durantes the day and leave tiny habits can already improve and the quality of life and interpersonal relationships. Find new content, see the other side of an issue and change the way of doing things that have already entered the automatic are some examples. With more radicals, change job, city ​​and even change the pattern of relationships can be the impulses needed to build a different life.

"Only you have the power to make changes so that their life becomes better and better. We need to open our eyes and understand that life is a gift, and we have to take it in the best possible way. Knowing how to make the best choices and keeping the clarity to afford the consequences of each of them ", elucidates Fabiano de Abreu.

Transforming the field of interpersonal relationships must also be a chance to contemplate, as the way they conduct friendships and romantic relationships can influence the way of thinking and lead to life. "We are always interacting with people. People of all kinds. People who inspire us and tear us the best. But also people who in contaminated and sick. Knowing how to choose the best for us, It is the crucial point for our happiness ", ensures.

Weight must be careful and cautious to be successful. Therefore, the philosopher recommends reflect enough on relations, but not hesitating to get away from who and what you need when needed. The power of change and choice does not depend on anyone and to finally live free of truth and in a state of fullness, It is necessary to assume the responsibility that the individual is solely responsible for yourself.


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