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Bianco Exhibition – Opening Tomorrow!

Enrico Bianco

Monographic Exhibition II opens day 20 October

Opening next day 20 October, the exhibition Monographs 2 – Enrico Bianco wins the main exhibition space of André Art Gallery, space you already have 61 years of activities in São Paulo. The Italian-Brazilian artist who made an individual in the gallery in 1997 has his work revised from about 30 works, curated by Mario Gioia.

The exhibition focuses on paintings, drawings and prints – the main languages ​​worked by the artist, from the gallery's own collection and from loans from private collections. The set reveals Bianco's versatility, strolling through traditional art history genres, like still life, and signs compositions with strong originality and skillful technique, such as those that portray popular parties and workers from the most diverse performances in Brazil.

"Popular festivities, panoramas that hold something metaphysical, workers in harmony with nature, moving animals, still lifes, naked. Review dozens of works by Enrico Bianco together (1918-2013) (…) it is also the reconstruction of a long and consistent path through the history of Brazilian art ”, states the curator in his critical text, that is part of a virtual catalog exclusively made for clipping.

Before coming to Brazil in 1935, Bianco had contact with masters of Italian painting. Based in Rio de Janeiro, studied with Candido Portinari and worked with him on murals of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), on Banco da Bahia panels and the UN building - the famous War and peace (1953-1956). In 1940, held his first solo show in the city he adopted, no Copacabana Palace Hotel. He did several other works on murals and produced extensive graphic production, with illustrations of books and posters. When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 1982, won the most important retrospective of his work, that started at Masp (Museu de Arte de São Paulo) and went to the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Rio de Janeiro.

He was part of a select group of modernists, living and receiving criticism from names like Di Cavalcanti, Roberto Burle Marx, Oscar Niemeyer, Lucio costa, Pietro Maria Bardi, Villa-Lobos and Affonso Reidy, among others. Major names in literature reviewed their individual, like Mário de Andrade, Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Adonias Filho. His last exhibition was held by the gallery Colecionador, in the river, in 2011, with works done for the show and with him still active, at the age of 93 years.

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Bianco's works are part of important Brazilian collections. The approach to the São Paulo circuit takes place at the end of the decade 80 and the André Art Gallery plays a decisive role in this bridge, due to the regularity of the space to commercialize and promote the figurative classic. Of this union, in 1997, the gallery makes a great individual dedicated to the artist, with text by Jacob Klintowitz, achieving sales success and good critical repercussion.

The exhibition is part of the program Monographs, which is a series of individual artists who have had important relationships with André over the years 61 years of activity. Another focus of the project is to rescue productions that are not currently in evidence, but that enable renewed perspectives for the consistency and importance of such artists in previous periods of Brazilian art. The exhibition that opened the clipping was dedicated to the gaucho Carlos Scliar (1920-2001) and occurred in the first half of this 2020, under special sanitary conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Monographs 2 - Enrico Bianco
Curated by Mario Gioia
Opening: Tuesday, 20 October
Exhibition period: from 20 October to 15 November
Opening hours *
*The André Art Gallery will follow the specifications of public authorities during the Covid-19 pandemic.
In regular times:
From Monday to Friday, das 10h às 18h
Saturdays, from 10 am to 14h

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