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Photographic Exhibition Beyond My Look anacelia Mateucci curated by Evelyn Ruman

From 19 October to 19 of december

Kaizen space in Santo Antonio do Pinhal

Besides My Eyes is a photo exhibition of anacelia Mateucci, art therapist and shooting, which depicts his dream of returning to the Amazon and meet the Yanomami through a journey that turned into immersion, inner journey, connection with the Forest (Nature) and with herself.

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More than a photographic exhibition is a work of Art Therapy.

The main message you want to convey is that often we leave for an unknown journey and have wonderful surprises, but to recognize them need to be attentive to the signs, the landscape and life.

His gaze did an internal and external movement, to identify the moment that was going, and the surprise of seeing what we see at first is not always what we think is.

Brought in luggage sure to be happy and be in PEACE, sure that it is in nature that is its strength and energy.

The exhibition is curated by shooting Evelyn Ruman, founder of the House of Women's Self Concept, supported by the gallery EG2o, who conducts workshops working self-esteem through photography, in the search for a look that represents the other with dignity and evidence of the context in which lives.

Evelyn graduated in Social Sciences and digital photography. His works have been exhibited in several cities in Brazil and the world.

Anacelia Mateucci is a photographer, psychologist and art therapist.

The exposure records were made with the phone, only one of the photographs was made with traditional camera, since anacelia believes that photography is a knowledge tool and the use of cell phones to photograph help in this therapeutic process.

She participated in several exhibitions and projects like:

Trees breathe SP in São Paulo 2015
Breathe SP The female in the city 2016
Love Exposure SP 2016
PROJECT São Paulo City 2016
Breathe SP Sport in the city 2017
The World MY streets 2017

Know your work site:
11 97372-9987

Besides My Eyes
From 19 October to 19 of december
opening - 19 December at 20hs
Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:30 hours.
Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 hours
Kaizen space
Av. Governor Carvalho Pinto, 810 – Santo Antonio do Pinhal
Kaizen Health Support Area, House Women's Self Concept and Holy Deck Bar and Petiscaria.

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