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Garret Kane, de Nova York (USA), featured. Photo: Disclosure.

Gallery presents innovative and unique model of residence artists

New York artist is the first to stay in APART Private Gallery and public
you can schedule time to follow his creative process

São Paulo, 6 February 2018 – Who wants to know all the stages of creation and development of a work of art now has a unique chance. Apart The gallery is inaugurating a new hosting model for artists. First art gallery in Brazil to work inside an apartment, the APART offers all the comforts of a residence with the ease and ample space of a gallery for artists able to live a unique immersion experience. The first to go through this experience is the sculptor Garret Kane, de Nova York (USA). It will be hosted in the gallery apart while developing the works of their exposure to Parq Park, which will take place from 8 March at the same location.

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In an unprecedented action, the artist will receive small groups, with pre-scheduled times, that can track your creative process as it develops the parts of their exposure.

"One of the goals of APART Private Gallery is precisely to provide greater contact between the artist and the lovers of his works, taking art to a more intense scale and, at the same time, intimate. Kane's visit is an excellent opportunity for the Brazilian public get to know its impressive sculptures ", Marin says Thais, co-founder of the gallery.

Artists in residence Apart

vanguardista, Apart the Private Gallery is always in search of innovation. Currently space in São Paulo (Brasil), Bogota (Colombia) and New York (USA), has already received more than 50 emerging artists and more 600 works passed through his exhibitions.

The idea of ​​offering this service to artists reinforces one of the gallery's purpose, which is to bring together artists and admirers of his work, as well as offering opportunity to those in early career. The artists who remain hosted in the gallery can count on all the comfort and convenience of a modern apartment and decorated, as well as ample space to develop their creations.

Respecting the agenda and the rhythm of the artist's creation are scheduled visits for the general public to know their work and follow every step of his creations. After, the APART still performs exposure of arts finalized. "It's a way we attract artists from different countries and with different techniques to our country. With our structure, able to offer an unforgettable experience for everyone ", explains Thais Marin.

A work of Garret Kane

Currently living in Brooklyn (New York), Kane is known for his sculptures that blend technology and nature elements, as mosses, leaves and branches. The artist explains that combines the concepts and techniques always with nature to believe that human beings were made for her and that, through technology, we are always trying to recreate it according to our own image.

Recently the sculptor exposed the giant work Golemecha, with its more than two meters high, no icônico Flatiron Building’s ProwArtspace. The sculpture joins Jewish folklore (the legendary figure protective creature Golem) with the famous giant robots of Japanese pop culture, known as "roving". Using 3D parts, moss, wire meshes, roots, Bonsai and LED lights, the sculptor creates a kind of advocate for all, that arises from the tradition of marriage, Nature and technology.

About your stay in APART, Kane is full of praise: "I'm living an incredible experience in Brazil. Normally I do not have all that space to create, because my studio in New York is much smaller. I did not know the concept of gallery apartment, but now I can say that, permanently, this is the dream of every artist!”

Service Garret Kane

To schedule a visit and meet the artist, contact through the site www.apartprivategallery.com or via email apart@apartprivategallery.com.

The US will be staying at APART Private Gallery 07 February 18 to 30 March and its exposure, with the works developed during your stay, begins on the day 08 March 2018.

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