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Glauco Mathur. Photo: Mari Guimarães.

Glauco Mathur presents unprecedented exposure in Belo Horizonte

Are 18 years the arts. Artist, curator, enthusiast, collector, Professor and entrepreneur, Glauco Mathi focused his life on his passion for works of art, getting involved in large and varied activities of this branch. Arriving at the "age" of this journey, He decided to give a new direction to your enterprise.

In order to take their gear to other States and countries, Since the beginning of this year, He comes focused their efforts for the career of an artist. From there and so, signed exclusive contract with an investor, that already deal works and exhibitions to outside the borders of Minas Gerais.

And unprecedented exhibition

To say goodbye to their ' home ', the Maison School and art gallery (Av. Benedict Simon, 255 – St. Benedict), where conducted various courses for art and held several shows, Glauco Mathur has prepared a special exhibit. From day 15 September (Thursday), the public can check "Pages of the book: The revelation of narcissus”, shows unprecedented and unlike anything the artist has ever done until today. The exhibition will be on display until the day 15 October.

"The name of this exhibition is literal, because the works will be part of the pages of a book to prepare. Will be a special publication with the evolution of my 18 year career ", explains Glaucus.

In 18 works that make up the exhibition "pages of the book: The revelation of narcissus ", Glauco invests in photography. On the screens, with the size of 120 by 90, It depicts some of their 18 year career. In addition to photographs from childhood to adulthood, the public can check out a little of his artistic evolution.

Arte de Glauco Moraes. Foto: Divulgação.

Glauco art Matthews. Photo: Disclosure.

"On the screens mix several techniques, as bonding, painting, drawing, digital photography and interference, of course, my secret dialect. I invested about six months in the production of this exhibition, that will be a milestone in my career, by being the last to realize at the Maison School and art gallery, in which I am the founder ", account the artist.

Every detail of the show and this series has been designed with care. So much so that the works were printed in Fine Art with German paper Hahnemule. Each work will have five series, but that will be only, because each will have a different dialect in your frame.

To receive this shows, the Maison School and art gallery undergoes a transformation. The ceiling is painted black and the walls will get a dark fabric. Order, According to the artist, is to focus the gaze of the public only for the screens.

For collector

In this project, Glauco Matthews thought in collectors and admirers of his work. He developed a sculpture that will have all the 18 works in the exhibition in smaller size. "This sculpture is a box the size of 41 cm high, 31 cm deep and 21 cm wide. This box is made of wood and acrylic with laser-cut ", reveals the artist, I think in another exhibition for the last three months of 2016 in celebration of their 18 year career.

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